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Filing a Complaint on Complaint Hub App

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If any user wants to file a complaint to any company, government body, or institution listed on the Complaint Hub App, follow the below steps.


Find Your Company/Institution

  • Once logged in, you’ll be on your personalized dashboard.
  • Search:
    • Tap the “Search” icon in the Top Navigation Bar.
    • Type the name of the company or institution you wish to file a complaint against.
    • Tap on the correct entity from the search results.
  • Category (Alternative):
    • Tap the “Category” icon in the Bottom Navigation Bar.
    • Browse relevant categories and subcategories to locate the entity.

Filing the Complaint

  • You’ll be directed to the company or institution’s business profile page.
  • Scroll down to find the “Complaint” section.

Complaint Section

Level 1:

  • Use options like phone numbers (customer care), emails, website links, or an online complaint form (if available).
  • Explain your issue clearly and provide the necessary details.

Level 2 (Escalation):

  • If your issue isn’t resolved at Level 1, refer to the Level 2 section.
  • Contact higher authorities within the company as listed.

Regulatory Authority (final step):

  • If the company/institution fails to resolve your complaint, tap the listed “Regulatory/Appellate Authority”.
  • Follow the regulatory authority’s process to file a formal complaint against the entity.

Additional Tools

1. Reminder:

  • Tap the “Bell” icon below the business profile description.
  • Set a reminder to follow up on your complaint if needed.

2. Community Comment:

  • Tap the “Chat” button in the profile to engage with other users.
  • View discussions, leave comments, reply to others responsibly, and use the ‘Report’ function for inappropriate comments.

3. Review:

  • Tap the “Review” button.
  • Share your experience with the entity by writing a review and giving a rating.

Additional Tips:

  • Gather Information: Have relevant details about your issue (dates, receipts, prior communication) ready before filing the complaint.
  • Clear Communication: Concisely and factually explain your complaint.
  • Documentation: Keep records of all communication and attempts to resolve the issue.

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