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About Us

Motto: Help Everyone to Make Life Easier.

Who Are WE?

Who Are We? ComplaintHub

Complaint Hub is an organization who is helping the common people and all living beings worldwide to resolve issues and disputes regarding social, public, or private sectors. Since January 2022, we are working on various projects to ensure the fastest and most integrated mediums and ways to resolve any problems on a single platform with a decentralised and democratic process. We are now in this direction. As a result, Complaint Hub International has appeared as an integrated online platform to communicate with each and every entity, company, government, and organization to resolve disputes within any technical, physical, and legal hurdles. This initiative will try to ensure more transparency and responsible solutions to various complexities.

Now, we have a global presence all over the world with the faster penetration of internet connectivity at the grassroots level of the geographical, political, social, and economic strata and groups. Here, an integrated network of consumer commissions and national consumer authorities of different countries is available where you can approach to protect your consumer rights or report against unethical, unfair, and illegal trade practices by a seller, company, private entity, business operators, traders, etc.

Our website has the largest network of various organizations, foundations, private and public enterprises/companies, governments, and other various local and international trade & business entities to resolve disputes. We are in the progress to provide all the information and connect with these entities so every person can easily contact and escalate the disputed matters to the higher authorities without any complex legal hurdles.

Our team is dedicated to our motto "Help Everyone to Make Life Easier" to give more liberal and open rights to the hands of lower and common people. This will ensure that each person will get what he deserves as it is defined. It can be human rights, consumer rights, rights or individuals or society, and others.

Our Mission

Our mission is fueled by our motto. Every person is equally valuable to us. To make a smile on the face of each common people, political, economic, and social justice should be ensured. Some initiatives that are in progress.

Global Network

Lodge Grievance to Social, Public, or Private Entities

Easy Complaint

Easy User Interface and Integration to File a Complaint


Not Resolved or Dissatisfied? Easily Escalate Grievance

Tracking and Transparency

Track Status of Resolution with Accuracy and Transparency


Settle Disputes with Arbitration Within a Legal Framework

Legal Expert

Take Help from Legal Expert to Resolve Disputed Cases

Our Story

Complaint Hub was first started provide its services and guidance in India as Complaint Hub India to resolve the common problems of the peoples with public and private services and delivery of products. Now, our team has potential to reach globally to help people in each corner. In the upcomming times, everybody will be connected wil each other with digital and virtual world. We are building simple, faster, and robust platform where every person can access our social and legal services via virtual presence, offline connected network, or any other ways as provided by us.

Ajay Kumar


The most vulnerable and deprived rights of today's world are delays in justice and a complex legal system with some business rules. Common human being even doesn't know their rights due to lacking an efficient and integrated system. With the help of AI, interconnectivity of the digital world with the physical institution, is now providing a platform of integrated social, political, academic, and institutional entities of the world. Be connected!

Ajeet Kumar


Every human being deserves a happy life. This initiative will help to make your life easier with an integrated service to resolve your day-to-day problems with the help of experts and concerned entities. Your rights empower you to defend yourself to protect your interests. Complaint Hub will provide an integrated solution for your social, political, economical, and institutional problems. Connect with Complaint Hub to make life easier.

We respect your concerns, ideas and reviews.


Complaint Hub is arbitrator and only provides details regarding the complaint like tracking, registration, redressal time limit, etc. Due to our nature of service, we are not concerned with any companies or public official's services and interventions. We provide information on basis of a code of ethics that include honesty, Transparency, and justice as core virtues.