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Accessing User Dashboard or Home

Help CenterAccessing User Dashboard or Home


The User Dashboard is your central hub within the Complaint Hub App. It provides personalized experiences and streamlined access to essential features and information in a single place. Here, we have explained all dashboard components and how to interact with them.

Accessing the Dashboard

  • Login/Registration: Successfully log in to your existing Complaint Hub user account or complete the registration process if you’re a new user.
  • Navigation: The app will automatically redirect you to the User Dashboard after login.

Dashboard Components

1. State/UT Selection:

  • State/UT: Find your state from the provided horizontal list of states and union territories (UTs). Currently available only for Indian Users.
  • State Selection: Select your current state from the list.
  • District Selection: A corresponding dropdown menu will appear. Choose your district.

Purpose: This personalizes the Complaint Hub experience, providing recommendations and access to your relevant government institutions and local bodies.

2. Recommended:

  • Updates: Displays important updates from nearby government authorities or companies you’ve shown interest in.
  • Services: Provides quick access to essential services offered by relevant institutions based on your selected category and activity within the app.
  • Notices: Presents recent official notices from local governing bodies or associated companies.

3. Services:

Services are neatly organized into the following categories:

  • Energy
  • Your City
  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Utility
  • Government
  • Garbage (Solid Waste)
  • Police (Security)
  • Emergency
  • Travel

Navigation: Tap on a category to browse companies and institutions.

4. Explore:

  • Trending: Displays the most popular or frequently interacted with company and institution profiles within the last seven days.
  • Reminder: Provides access to any reminders you’ve set or want to set within the app (e.g., follow-ups, due dates).
  • Following: Presents a list of companies, institutions, or services you have chosen to follow for updates.
  • FAQ: Links to the Complaint Hub App’s comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.

5. Latest:

Showcases a list of companies and institutions that have recently joined the Complaint Hub platform.

6. Trending:

This section highlights the most active company or institution profiles in terms of user interaction (complaints, queries, or service requests) within the past seven days.

DooAI Assistant

Find the DooAI Assistant icon in the bottom right corner of the User Dashboard. The functionality of the Generative AI Assistant of Complaint Hub includes these features.

DooAI assists with:

  • Complaint Drafting
  • Company/Authority Contact Details
  • Filing a Complaint
  • Procedure Guidance
  • Public Service Information
  • General legal information and relevant notices
  • Daily tasks associated with your selected businesses, companies, institutions, or other users.

Additional Tips

To get a personalised experience, select your State/UT and explore various service categories to tailor your dashboard experience.

Interact with trending entities to know the quality of services, and follow relevant companies and institutions.

Chat with our DooAI to maximize the assistant’s functionality for a seamless complaint and resolution process.

If you have further questions or require support, please refer to the help section of the complaint Hub profile or contact our support team by email or online form.

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