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Business Profile of an Entity

Help CenterBusiness Profile of an Entity


Business Profiles provide detailed information on each company, institution, or government body listed on the Complaint Hub platform. This profile provides a centralized location for contact details, available services, complaint registration options, and community engagement.

Accessing a Business Profile

  • Search: Use the “Search” bar in the Top Navigation to find a specific entity.’]
  • Categories: Browse through the “Categories” section and tap an entity’s name.
  • Feed/Latest: Tap on an entity card within your “Feed“, “For You”, or “Latest” sections in the Home dashboard.

Business Profile Layout

Business Profiles are divided into these key sections:

1. Entity Profile

  • Profile Photo: The company or institution’s logo or representative image.
  • @company_user_name: Their unique username on Complaint Hub.
  • Followers: This shows the number of Complaint Hub users following this entity.
  • Company Name: The formal name of the company or institution.
  • Introduction: A brief description of the entity and its services.

From the Top Right Corner of the Profile in the App:

  • Follow Button: Tap to follow the entity for updates in your “Feed”.
  • Share Icon: Tap to share the profile with others.

2. Action Buttons

  • Reminder: Set reminders for follow-ups or deadlines related to this entity.
  • Review: Leave a review about your experience with the company/institution.
  • Community Comment: View and participate in discussions related to the entity.

3. Complaint

  • Level 1:
    • Phone numbers (customer care, helplines)
    • Email addresses
    • Website link
    • Physical address
    • “File a Complaint Online” (if available)
  • Level 2: Contact details for higher-level officials or designated complaint officers.
  • Data Sources: Links to relevant resources on the company’s website or other platforms.
  • Regulatory/Appellate Authority: Information on the governing body for the company’s industry, where you may lodge complaints if your issue remains unresolved on the company level.

4. Services

A list of services offered by the company or institution, with links for access or more details on each service.

Additional Tips:

  • Follow relevant companies and institutions for updates and easier access.
  • Start at Level 1 and escalate to the next authority if your issue remains unresolved.
  • Read reviews to gain an understanding of others’ experiences and leave your review to contribute to the community.

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