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Personalized For You Feed

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The “For You” section offers a personalized experience, suggesting companies, institutions, and government bodies based on your activity, preferences, and location. It also highlights recent updates and important information from entities relevant to your needs.

Accessing “For You”

  • Bottom Navigation: Find the “For You” icon (often represented by a star or person symbol) in the app’s Bottom Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the Icon: Tap the “For You” icon to open your personalized feed.

Exploring the Feed

  • Recommendations: Browse the recommended list of companies, institutions, and government bodies, which might include those you’ve recently interacted with or entities in your local area.
  • Entity Cards: Each recommendation is presented as a card, displaying:
    • Entity name and profile image
    • Brief description or key services
    • Recent updates or announcements
    • Interacting with Entity Cards
  • Visit Profile: Tap on an entity card to access the full profile for more detailed information, and available services, or to register a complaint.
  • Review: Tap the “Review” button to read or leave a review about your experience with an entity.


  • Tap the “Comment” button to view community comments or add your thoughts.
  • Comment Actions: Within the comment section you can:
    • Like or dislike comments
    • Reply to other users
    • Report inappropriate comments (see “Report” below)


  • Tap the “three dots” in the top right corner of an entity card.
  • Select “Report” to flag it for review if you feel it violates community guidelines or laws.

Additional Tips:

  • The “For You” section uses your Complaint Hub activity to deliver relevant recommendations.
  • Use this section to discover new entities or get quick updates from those you already follow.
  • Reviews and comments provide insights into an entity and help others make informed decisions as a community.

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