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Services Section in Dashboard

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The “Services” section is a list to access essential companies, institutions, and government bodies. This section simplifies your search and complaint processes by offering categorized listings.

Accessing “Services”

  • At User Dashboard/Home, locate the “Services” section on your main User Dashboard/Home.
  • It will often be a dedicated area with clearly labelled category icons.

Major Categories

The “Services” section commonly includes the following categories:

  • Energy: Electricity providers, gas companies, alternative energy.
  • Your City: Local government bodies, municipal services, and civic institutions (based on your location).
  • Finance: Banks, insurance providers, investment firms, and financial services.
  • Telecom: Internet service providers, mobile networks, phone companies.
  • Retail: Stores, e-commerce platforms, consumer goods companies.
  • Logistics: Shipping providers, courier services, transportation companies.
  • Utility: Water services, waste management, and other essential utilities.
  • Government: Bodies, authorities, and departments of central, state, and local governments
  • Police (Security): Departments of police in UTs/States and Central Security Agencies
  • Emergency: Police, fire departments, hospitals, emergency hotlines.
  • Travel: Airlines, transport companies, tourism agencies.
  • Tap a Category: Tap the icon for your desired category.
  • Browse Listings: Explore the list of companies and institutions within the selected category.
  • Subcategory Filtering: Some categories may offer subcategories at the top of the screen to narrow your search (e.g., “Supermarkets” within “Retail”).

Access Company Profiles

Tap on an entity’s card to:

  • View their complete profile
  • Access available services
  • Register a complaint

Additional Actions (Card Features)

  • Review: Leave or view reviews about the entity.
  • Comment: View community comments or leave your own.
  • Engage responsibly: Like/dislike comments, reply to others, or use the ‘Report’ function if a comment violates guidelines.

Additional Tips:

  • Location Matters: The “Your City” category leverages your selected State/UT to provide the most relevant local resources.
  • Start Broad, Then Narrow: If unsure, begin with a broader category and use subcategories to refine your search.
  • Use Search: If you have a specific entity in mind, use the “Search” function in the Top Navigation Bar.

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