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The Feed provides a centralized location for viewing recent posts, updates, and important notices from companies, institutions, and government bodies that you follow or have interacted with. It offers a social-media-like experience based on your interests within the Complaint Hub ecosystem.

Accessing the Feed

  • Locate the “Feed” icon (often represented by a newsfeed-like symbol) in the app’s Bottom Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the Icon: Tap the “Feed” icon to access your personalized feed.

Scroll through your feed to view the latest posts and updates. You’ll see a variety of content, including:

  • Posts by companies, businesses, or government authorities
  • Informative updates and announcements
  • Notices about service changes or policies
  • Responses to complaints or queries (if relevant)

Interacting with Posts

  • Like: Tap the “Like” button (a heart symbol) to show appreciation or agreement with a post.
  • Comment: Tap the “Comment” button (typically a speech bubble icon) to share your thoughts and opinions.
  • Stats: How many times the post is viewed by the users. (Total number of post views)

Comment Actions

Within the comment section, you can:

  • Like or dislike existing comments.
  • Reply directly to other users’ comments.
  • Report a comment if it violates guidelines (see ‘Report’ section below).


  • Tap the “three dots” icon in the top right corner of a post.
  • Select “Report” if the post violates Complaint Hub’s guidelines or applicable laws.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to provide reasons for reporting.

Additional Tips:

  • The Feed is customized based on your activity, followed entities, and previously engaged content.
  • Interaction with posts helps you stay informed and connected with essential service providers and institutions.
  • Use the Report feature to keep the Complaint Hub community safe and aligned with its standards.

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