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In the Complaint Hub App, users can change, update, or activate specific features, manage accounts, and customize the appearance of the app. To use these features, follow the below steps.

Accessing Settings

  • Ensure you’re on the main User Dashboard after logging in.
  • Locate the “Three Dote Icon” (for more options) in the Top Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the icon to open the menu.
  • Select the “Settings” option from the menu.

Manage Settings

The Settings section is divided into sub-sections to manage various aspects of your app experience:

1. Push Notifications

  • Foreground Notification: Toggle this button to enable/disable notifications that appear while actively using the app.
  • Background Notifications: Toggle this button to enable/disable notifications that appear even when the app is running in the background.
  • Announcement Bot: Toggle this button to enable/disable a text-to-voice feature that announces messages and updates within the app’s chatbot, DooAI Assistant (useful for visually impaired users).

2. App Theme Appearance

  • System Default: Choose this for your app’s theme to automatically match your device’s system-wide theme (light or dark mode).
  • Light: Select this to force the app to always use a light theme.
  • Dark: Select this to force the app to always use a dark theme.

3. About

  • Version Info: Tap to view the current version of the Complaint Hub App.
  • Privacy Policy: Tap to read the app’s privacy policy.
  • Terms of Use: Tap to read the app’s terms of use.
  • Licenses: Tap to view licenses associated with the app.

4. Account

  • Email: Displays the email address linked to your Complaint Hub account.
  • Manage Account: Tap to access further account customization and profile editing options.

5. Manage Account (Sub-Section)

  • Select Color: Tap to choose your preferred accent colour for the app interface.
  • Select Font Family: Tap to select your desired font style for the app’s text.
  • Select Title and Body Font: Tap to adjust the font weight of titles and body text throughout the app.
  • Account -> Edit Profile: Tap to modify your user profile details.
  • Delete Account: Tap the red highlighted button “Delete User Account” to delete your account from the Complaint Hub platform.

(Caution: After deleting your account, all the data of your account will be deleted)

Additional Tips:

  • Customize the app’s appearance and notifications to suit your preferences.
  • Ensure your profile information is accurate within the “Edit Profile” section.
  • Accessibility: The “Announcement Bot” is a helpful feature for users with visual impairments.

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