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Verizon Hotline: How to File a Complaint to Verizon Communications, Inc?


Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States headquartered in New York City. It was formed in 200o through the merger of Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. As a result, it is now the largest wireless network operator in the world, providing wireless voice, internet, and data services including wired services such as high-speed internet, digital TV, and home phone service.

Today, Verizon operates in more than 150 countries and is committed to advancing technology and innovation, 5G technology & labs, phones, and business solutions in telecommunications like fiber optics, international networks, enterprise connectivity solutions, cloud computing, security solutions, and Verizon Partner Network.

Verizon Headquarters Building (
Verizon Headquarters Building (source –

Are you facing any problems with the services of Verizon? Sometimes this can happen with customers. If you have such issues that interrupt connectivity of the internet, voice calling, data streaming, or wired & wireless services, you should file a complaint to the customer representative of Verizon.

The technical issues will be resolved by the technical team and for other problems, particularly issues related to wireless and digital TV, you may contact the customer care agent through the hotline (customer care number), e-mail, online complaint form, or live chat support (web or app). The issues that can be possibly resolved by the company, are illustrated below.

Technical problems & issues to be resolved:

  • Mobile:
    • Complaints about the mobile network, voice call, SIM (e-SIM, number portability), no network, or slow speed & no internet connection.
    • Recharge plans, prepaid & postpaid bills & payments, higher services & roaming charges, or other mobility problems.
    • Need help with device, billing & payments, accounts, plans, and services & apps
    • Other complaints related to phone, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Wi-Fi
    • Issues with the configuration of Wi-Fi, lack of connectivity, slow internet speed, low bandwidth, or other wireless issues.
    • Defects in Wi-Fi setup, broken wires, or other technical problems.
    • LTE, 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi at home, or other issues.
  • Broadband
    • Problems with broadband like ethernet connection, disconnected internet, or technical issues.
    • Concerns related to installation, setup, or billing of the broadband plans & recharge.
  • Fiber Optics
    • Complaints related to FTTH (Fiber to the Home), ethernet, internet connectivity in your area, or slow speed or no connection (wired/Wi-Fi).
  • FIOS
    • Issues with Triple/Double play packages, Analog/digital phone, Broadband internet options, Channel lineup, or Cord-cutting services.
    • Problems relate to Door-to-Door Sales Reps, Fios Gigabit connections, Home internet access options, Internet Plans, etc.
  • Television & Streaming
    • Complaints about the television, home devices, accessories, and other DIRECTV issues.
    • Problems with the OTT services, shows, DIRECTV streaming, recharge, and plans of the streaming & apps.
  • Antivirus
    • Report the concerns related to malware, spyware, phishing, and other cyber security vulnerability.
    • Complaints about fraud, scams, or robocalls on your number.
  • Others
    • Raise any problem about the +play, streaming, gaming, and subscription.
    • Home – Issues with 5G & Fios internet, TV, and home phone. Also, complain about other pertaining issues with the services of Verizon.

Do you know the levels to resolve an unredressed complaint? Verizon has 2 levels to redress your issues related to all the above services.

In the first level, a dedicated customer service center is available. Contact the representatives of the center through a toll-free Verizon customer care number or available WhatsApp numbers. You may also, e-mail or lodge an online complaint by online portal (chatbot) or mobile app.

If the problems are not resolved in level 1, you may escalate the disputed case to the officials of level 2. The total grievance redressal time is 30 days.

If this does not happen within this timeframe or not satisfied with the response, you may file an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or the state’s Public Utility Commission, further as the customer, you may approach the small claims court or initiate an informal dispute resolution process with Verizon.

Note If you are not satisfied with these options, start arbitration or file a formal complaint to the FCC. A lawsuit can also be filed with Federal District Court against the company. If you need more information to complain, read below.

How to File a Complaint to Verizon Communications?

The Verizon customer service department is dedicated to resolving the technical and general issues of the telecom services offered by the company. Your problems will be redressed as per the customer handbook and complaint redressal mechanism under the specified rules.

In the first instance, you may contact the customer service representative by calling the toll-free phone number. The agent will ensure that your problems related to wireless, mobile, internet, or TV must be resolved instantly or within the given period.

Complaint Registration Time & Fee:

Registration Fee No Charges ($0)
Resolution Time 30 days (read the customer agreement of the company)

If this does not happen, the issue will be escalated to the next authorized team or official under the internal complaint resolution system of Verizon. You should keep patience and inform the problem with the required details. Meanwhile, know the available ways to redress unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints.

The Levels to Resolve a Dispute:

  • In level 1, contact the customer care representative and register your complaint through e-mail, helpline/customer service number, or chatbot (mobile app, or web). Don’t forget to note down the ticket/reference number.
  • Level 2: If not satisfied or unresolved complaint, escalate this disputed case to the next authorized person like a nodal officer or senior representative. Yet not resolved or dissatisfied? Approach the higher authority like the state’s Public Utility Commission (PUC).
  • In level 3, firstly, file an informal complaint to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Then, you may proceed to bring a lawsuit in small claims court or may initiate an arbitration by submitting a notice of the dispute to the legal department of Verizon.
  • Last, in level 4, you may file a formal complaint to the FCC (Bureau of Investigation) or bring a lawsuit with the Federal District Court. In both cases, legal counsel will be required to argue on your behalf (optional). Also, the petition or case fee will be applicable.

These are the ways that you may choose as per your convenience and the nature of the disputed matter. Remember, the formal complaint must be filed within 6 months of the final responses of the submitted informal complaint to the FCC.

Note – If the disputed case is related to higher billing charges, unethical business practices, or violation of consumer rights, you should file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and concerned departments of the federal government or state/ provincial governments in the USA.

Verizon Customer Service Number (Hotline)

Due to the wide range of services, Verizon has different customer service numbers for respective telecom services. If you want to get faster resolution related to any critical technical issues with mobile, home, or wireless services, dial these toll-free customer service numbers.

Many times, your problems will be resolved within a few minutes, but it may take longer time if the issue is very critical or complex. But, it will not take more than 30 days. Meanwhile, you may request to escalate the disputed issue to the senior executives of the company to get a faster resolution.

Must provide the following information:

  • Name, communication details, and account or customer id.
  • The nature of the complaint
  • A detailed description of the issue along with technical problems (if any)
  • Other details related to the device, internet connectivity, or billing/charges (if required)
Note – Don’t share any personal, sensitive, or financial information like OTP, bank details, credit/debit card, or identity proof with any customer representative even to the official members or officers of the company. Be aware of consumer advice from the FTC.

After successful registration of your concerns, always ask for the reference number or acknowledgment details of the submitted complaint. This can be used to track the status and also will be helpful to escalate this matter to the senior authorized person.

Verizon Hotlines (Complaint Number) and Phone Number to Lodge a Complaint:

Verizon Support Customer Service Number
Verizon prepaid customer care No. 611, +18882946804
Verizon complaint number (mobile & wireless) +18009220204
Fios (internet, TV services & devices) hotline +1800.VERIZON, +18008374966
Verizon 5G home internet support +18002255499
LTE home Internet customer care +18002255499
Verizon Officials’ Contact Numbers Click Here

Verizon National Accessibility Support:

Dial the customer service number of the Verizon National Accessibility Customer Service Center to get support for mobile, wireless, or home services. Use the accessibility phone number to resolve the pertaining issues or contact the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities (VCCD).

Verizon National Accessibility Customer Service Number
Verizon Wireless customer care No. +18882621999
Fios and traditional phone services (voice) +18009746006
TTY or Videophone number 15082515301
Verizon Accessibility Resource Center Click Here

Note – Have complaints not been resolved? Are you dissatisfied with the final response? In these cases, you may request to escalate the complaint to the senior representative or nodal officer of Verizon.

If this does not happen or yet not satisfied, you may file an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Further, you may take legal action. The details are mentioned in the below sections of the page.

Verizon Business Customer Care Number

Want to complain about the business services of Verizon? If you are a small business partner or enterprise business client of the company, contact Verizon Business Support through the toll-free phone number (hotline), customer care number, or live chat services.

The clients of small & medium businesses, enterprises, the public sector (Federal, state & local government, and education), and partner solutions may use these customer care numbers or log in to the registered Verizon account to file an online complaint.

Verizon Business Customer Care & Phone Number to Resolve the Technical, Sales, or Other Issues:

Verizon Business Support Customer Service Number
Wireless, Mobile, and TV services +18009220204
Verizon Small Business Service hotline +18775967577
Account login or repair customer support +18008374966
Business contact sales +18556075416
Verizon Enterprise Center Help Desk Number:
US and Canada Customer care +18005698799
For EMEA, APAC, and LATAM Customers +180043215432
Verizon enterprise center Click Here
Public Sector Service Support for:
Federal Government & Bureau +18884962763
State & Local Government (wireline) +18559933526
Education Institutions +18773437283
Public sector online support Click Here

Need more information about the public sector services of Verizon? The institutions may visit the page national & state contracts services of the company for federal & state governments.

Note – Have any doubts related to Verizon business services or solutions? Check the Business Support page of the company to get online chat support or activate your business account.

Tips Have any complaints related to unresolved disputes? Do you want to report any unethical business practices or violations of trade rules of the federal government? You should file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (antitrust) with appropriate documents & proof.

Verizon Business Sales Contact Number
Small & Medium Business:
Mobile phones and plans service +18339693096
Fios, network, and phone service (I)* +18886097318
Fios, network, and phone (II)* +18775870624
Fios, network, and phone (III)* +18448785312
Enterprise Business:
Enterprise sales services +18884962763
Public Sector:
For Federal Government +18884962763
State & Local Government +18555831135
Public safety hotline +18559933526
Education institution support +18555831135
Partner Solutions:
For wholesale, agents and resellers Click to contact rep.

*Fios, network, and phone service for – (I) = 1-19 employees; (II) = 20-99 employees; (III) = 100-500 employees.

Do you want to consult with a sales agent at Verizon? Visit the page “request a sales consultation” and select your country to contact the respective representative.

Note If you desire, may also file an online complaint to the respective business departments. Are you interested? If yes, follow the instructions below to raise your concerns online through e-mail, web portal & chat support.

File an Online Complaint

What can be the best way to raise a concern with Verizon? Obviously, the digital path is the best way to contact the support representatives. Just file an online complaint through e-mail, get help from a live chat executive, or fill out an online form to submit your concerns.

This will resolve your issues within a few minutes. If this does not happen, use the ticket/reference number to track the status. Is it not easy? The easiest way to troubleshoot the wireless device or broadband is, to use the mobile app (Verizon) or web account. So, in each way, the online mode will be more beneficial.

The categories of telecom services that can be resolved are wireless services (mobile, satellite, internet, etc.), wired & Fios (optical fiber, home, DIRECTV, Stream, Wi-Fi, and Broadband), and other devices & accessories offered by the Verizon to their customers.

File an online complaint to Verizon Support - guide (source -
File an online complaint to Verizon Support – guide (source –

Mention the Following Details to Complain:

  • Name, and customer Id (Verizon account number)
  • The subject of the complaint
  • A brief summary of the problem
  • Other relevant details or documents (if required)
  • Reference/ticket number (if already submitted a complaint)

Note down the reference number of the submitted issue to track the status and to escalate this issue to senior officials of the company unless not resolved.

Links to File an Online Complaint to the technical and Customer Support team of Verizon Telecommunications Inc:

Verizon Customer Services (Online) Links
File an Online Complaint (Mobile, Fios, & Home) Chat Now
Raise a concern by Verizon account Register/Login
+play online support Click Here
Lifeline (government assistance program) Click Here
Account security and fraud claims File a claim online

Interested in mobile apps or other mediums to raise your disputed issue? The mobile app, social media, messenger, and other available ways to complain about Verizon services are mentioned below.

Alternative Digital Mediums:

Verizon Community Form Raise a concern
Verizon Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook | Messenger
Other Verizon Apps Android | iOS

Have you successfully lodged your grievance? If yes, use the reference/acknowledgment number of this complaint to track the status. If it is not resolved, you know what should be done to get a faster resolution.

Note If your issues are not redressed within 30 days, file an informal complaint to the FCC. Further, you may take legal action or choose a path for arbitration/settlement with the company. Read all available ways to take legal action as mentioned below.

Before taking legal action against Verizon, you should approach the telecommunications regulatory commission like FCC. For this visit the link below:

Click: File an informal complaint to Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Is it not resolved within 30 days? Are you dissatisfied with the final response? You may take legal action against Verizon within 6 months of receiving the final response from the FCC.

In the first instance, you may start arbitration by sending a notice of the dispute to Verizon to settle the claim. If not satisfied, you may proceed to bring a lawsuit with the small claim court.

The arbitration with AAA (American Arbitration Association) can also be initiated by visiting the

The last option that you can use is to file a formal complaint to the FCC or bring a lawsuit with the Federal District Court against Verizon for the violation of the Telecommunications Act, 47.

Note If the disputed case belongs to the violation of consumer rights, you should approach the FTC or file a consumer complaint against Verizon.

Let us understand each legal institution & regulatory body that you may approach to protect your rights to get fair services and claim the monetary loss:

1. Submit a Notice of Dispute to Verizon

First, you should file a notice of the dispute to the legal department of Verizon. This will take nearly 60 days to reach an agreement with you both parties. If yet not resolved, you may approach the small claim court or file a case for arbitration with AAA.

Notice of dispute form online (
Notice of dispute form online for wireless (source –

To start an internal dispute settlement process, you just need to send a form of notice of the dispute to Verizon through e-mail, postal mail, or online form (web portal). No fee will be applicable for this notice.

Details of the Legal Department, Verizon to initiate a Mediation:

Submit Form (Online) Notice of Dispute (Wireless)
Download Form Notice of Dispute.PDF
Officer Verizon Dispute Resolution Manager
Address Verizon Dispute Resolution Manager, One Verizon Way, VC54N100, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097.

Note – Need more information? Read the arbitration and mediation for residential customers to satisfy your queries. If the settlement agreement is not reached any conclusion within 60 days, you may proceed with arbitration or take the small claim action with the federal courts.

2. Start Arbitration or Take Small Claims Action

I. Arbitration with AAA:

The arbitration can be initiated with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) by filing an online case. You can visit the or send a postal mail to AAA under the arbitration rules (AAA). Also, send a prior notice or a copy of the arbitration to the legal department of Verizon as mentioned above in the notice of dispute.

Details to Start an Arbitration with AAA:

AAA Arbitration File a case (online)
Forms Download Arbitration Forms (
Toll-free Number +18007787879 (customer service)
Phone No. 2127165870
Fax No. 2127165907
Address American Arbitration Association – Customer Service Center, 335 Madison Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10017-4605.

Note – Fee will be applicable as per the rules of AAA. Not satisfied with the agreement of the arbitration or reached no conclusion/settlement? Alternatively, you may take legal action against Verizon with Small Claims Court or Federal District Court/FCC.

II. Small Claims Court:

If the customer or any business client who is a resident of the United States, wants to bring a lawsuit with Small Claims Court against Verizon instead of arbitration, should follow the rules and regulations of Telecommunication acts of the Federal & state government.

You may take legal action by filing a lawsuit in your nearest small claim court but you will be required legal counsel to defend your case and represent the legal arguments on your behalf. So, you should consult with a legal expert (whoever is) in your opinion.

For more details, find an attorney general at the National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG) to consult your disputed matter.

3. Approach FCC or Federal District Court

The final option that you may adopt is to bring a lawsuit against Verizon Communications with the Federal District Court or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You may also file a formal complaint to the FCC with an applicable fee against Verizon under the Telecommunications Act, 47.

To bring a lawsuit with Federal District Court against the telecom company (Verizon), legal counsel will be required to represent your case. Before taking legal action, you should take advice from the legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Verizon

Q. What is the customer service number of Verizon (mobile & Home)?
A. Want to call the customer care of Verizon? Dial the customer service number +1800.VERIZON (hotline), +18008374966, or call +18009220204 to register a complaint about wireless (mobile) or home services.

Q. What can I do if my complaints are not resolved by the customer representative of Verizon?
A. You should request to escalate the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaint to the senior customer care officer. If yet not resolved within 30 days, you may file an informal complaint to the FCC.

Q. Where can I approach if I’m not satisfied with the resolution of Verizon?
A. In this case, you may take legal action or initiate a proposal of arbitration to resolve the disputed case with your claim.

  • Notice of Dispute: First, you should submit a notice of the dispute to the legal department of Verizon by e-mail, postal mail, or online form. No fee is required for this internal dispute settlement process.
  • Arbitration: If not satisfied with the above agreement or have not reached a conclusion, you may file a case with AAA (American Arbitration Association) to start an arbitration.
  • Small Claims Court: If you desire, bring a lawsuit with Small Claim Court against Verizon Telecommunications Inc. Before, filing a lawsuit, you should send a notice of the dispute to Verizon.
  • Take legal Action: Finally, you may bring a lawsuit against the telecom company (Verizon) with Federal District Court under the telecommunications act, 47 (United States). Also, you may file a formal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In both cases, a legal counsel will be required to defend your case and legal arguments (optional).


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