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Temu Customer Service: How to File a Complaint Against Temu to Consumer Protection Authority?


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Temu, the rising e-commerce platform, has garnered attention for its competitive pricing and extensive product range. However, having problems related to online shopping like delayed deliveries, refunds, or product quality concerns can be frustrating.

Have complaints about shopping on Temu? Don’t worry! You can contact Temu Customer Support or chat with executives to resolve your problems.

Your problems can be:

  • Shipping Delays: Delays in delivering or receiving the orders, especially during peak seasons.
  • Quality Concerns: Dissatisfaction with product quality, particularly for items priced very low.
  • Customer Service: Customer service response time is slower than expected.
  • Returns and Refunds: Issues related to returns, exchanges, payment failures, and refunds.

Like any online service, it’s essential to know how to resolve such issues effectively. If you’ve encountered these problems with Temu, you can follow these guides for filing a complaint.

Please note: For any violation of consumer rights by Temu, you can file a consumer complaint to the Consumer Protection Authority of your state in the United States.

How to Lodge an Order & Delivery Complaint of Temu?

Customers of Temu or its seller partner can use the 3 tiered dispute resolution mechanism.

Temu Complaint Fee & Redressal Time:

Registration Fee $0 (No Charges)
Resolution Time Up to 30 Days
Return period Within 90 days (may vary, read the Temu policy)

Levels of Complaint Resolution:

  • Level 1: Customer Service, Temu
    • Customer Care Number
    • Email
    • Chat Support
  • Level 2: Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC
  • Level 3: Take Legal Action
    • Notice of Dispute
    • Arbitration
    • Small Claims Court
Temu Customer Support
Temu Customer Support

Level 1: Contact Temu Customer Service

Start by reaching out to Temu’s customer service team. Here’s the customer support details:

  • Email Support: Send an email to Provide clear details about your complaint, including order numbers, dates, and any relevant evidence.
  • Temu Complaint Number: While Temu doesn’t provide a direct phone number, you can call the customer service number 1-888-495-8368 for assistance.
  • Complain online to Temu: File a complaint

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can also write your complaint letter or visit in person at the Head Office of Temu. The address is:

  • Office Address: Visit their office at Head Office – WhaleCo Inc. (Temu), Suite 355, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA.

Note: Returns are not accepted at this official address; you have to request the return from the Temu website or mobile app if needed.

Tips: You can request items or share feedback with Temu here:

Feedback and item request to Temu
Feedback and item requests to Temu

In your complaint, must provide the following details:

  • Order ID
  • Nature of complaint
  • Description of the issue with supporting facts such as delays, refund, damaged or defective items, or other concerns
  • Attach supporting documents or photos of the product or item

If your initial contact doesn’t yield results, don’t give up. Persistence matters. Follow up with additional emails or calls to escalate the matter to senior executives, emphasizing the urgency of your issue.

Finally, you can approach the consumer protection authorities or take legal action against Temu.

Level 2: Approach Consumer Protection Authority

If you’re experiencing issues with product quality or feel your consumer rights have been violated by Temu, file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP) at the Federal Trade Commission.

In California, you can make a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

When submitting your complaint, be sure to include comprehensive information about the product and service:

  • Product Details: Product standard number, company name, and manufacturer details.
  • Temu Order Details
  • Service Charges or Fees
  • Additional Details: Include supporting evidence such as product photos, billing information, and any previous attempts to resolve the issue with the company.
  • Expected Claim or Compensation

File a complaint online to the respective consumer authority:

For more help, read: How to file a consumer complaint in USA? – Consumer Affairs – Complainthub Citizen Community

If you are from other countries ()except the USA), file a complaint to the “Consumer Protection Authority” of your country.

Please note: If you have complaints regarding pharmaceuticals or medications purchased from Temu that are not adequately resolved, file an online civil rights complaint against Temu with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

If your complaints are not resolved by Temu or even after approaching the consumer protection forum, bring a lawsuit against the company.

You can take legal action by approaching the Small Claims Court, starting a mediation with the help of AAA, or appealing to the respective regulatory authority for trade and e-commerce business in the US.

If you believe your privacy rights have been violated, send an email or post a mail at the address provided below.

  • Email: Send an email to Temu’s Data Protection Office –
  • Postal Mail: Write to – Whaleco Inc., Suite 355, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA.

Remember to document your interactions including ticket/acknowledgement IDs, maintain records, and advocate for a fair resolution.

Temu is currently (as of April 2024) facing a class-action lawsuit in Illinois over data privacy concerns.

The lawsuit alleges that Temu requests excessive permissions for various types of information not typically needed for an online shopping app, including access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network information, and biometric data like fingerprints. Staying informed about legal developments can help you advocate for your rights.

Remember, filing a complaint is your right as a consumer. Be patient, assertive, and persistent. By following these steps you can escalate the complaint effectively and ensure that your concerns are heard.


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