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Xfinity, Comcast: Lodge a Complaint about Xfinity and Comcast Business


Xfinity is a business brand, owned by the American telecommunications company Comcast Cable Communications, LLC. It is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. Xfinity offers telecom services like cable TV, internet, phone, and wireless connections to people in the United States.

Major issues of Xfinity, and Comcast to be resolved:

  • Internet: Gig-speed internet, optical fiber (wired), and wireless devices (WiFi gateway) & home connectivity.
  • Mobile: SIM (postpaid and prepaid plans), devices, 5G availability, and accessories.
  • TV & Streaming: Television, streaming services (videos & shows), Flex streaming (X1 TV, NOW TV, and Channel line-ups).
  • Home Security: Professional monitoring and self-protection plans including smart cameras and security devices.
  • Home Phone: Wired/wireless home phone services.
  • Comcast Business: Global secure networking, SD-WAN, cloud, and managed solutions including cybersecurity, unified communications tools, and business TV services.

Have complaints about Xfinity or Comcast business services? If you’re having problems with your bill, internet connection, or equipment, contact Xfinity support. You can talk to Comcast customer service by calling the toll-free number, sending an email, or chatting with them online.

Still not resolved? You can request to escalate the case to Comcast’s Head of Customer Service. Further, you can approach the Federal Communications Commission, USA (FCC) by filing an informal complaint.

How to File a Complaint of Xfinity, Comcast?

To make a complaint online, you can fill out a form online and use the Xfinity app or official social channels. Remember the reference or ticket number they give you after you complain to track the status.

Resolution Mechanism:

Registration Fee No Charges (0)
Resolution Period 30 days (May vary, read the customer service guidelines of Comcast for more information)
Device Cancellation Within 14 days of shipment (read the return policy of Xfinity)

According to the customer service policy of Comcast, the resolution mechanism is divided into 3 levels.

  • Level 1: Complain to Customer Service, Xfinity through:
    • Toll-free hotline
    • Email/Chat
    • Make a complaint online
    • Mobile App
  • Level 2: File an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Level 3: Take a legal action
    • Start an arbitration with Comcast
    • Lawsuit with FCC
    • Approach Small Claims Court

Please note: Report consumer disputes against Xfinity like billing problems or service quality to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the state’s Public Utility Commission (PUC).

Level 1: Customer Service, Xfinity

If you’re experiencing issues with Xfinity services and need to file a complaint, first contact customer support by calling the Xfinity hotline or toll-free customer service number.

When you’re connected with a representative, provide the necessary details:

  • Customer ID or registered phone number
  • Nature of the complaint
  • Description of the problem with Xfinity services with facts like billing information, technical issues, etc.

Must take ticket number or reference of a submitted complaint to track status or escalate the unresolved case to the Head of Customer Service.

Xfinity Customer Service Number

Official details of Comcast hotline and customer care number to complain with Xfinity:

Xfinity complaint number 18009346489 (1800-XFINITY)
SMS (Text “HELP”) 266278
Comcast Orders Hotline 8558701311
Xfinity customer service number (billing disputes) 8889364968
Request copy of Installment Agreement 18889364968
Email (Cancel Device/return request)
Email (request to access website)
Comcast carrier support Click to contact

Note: Not resolved to your satisfaction? Request the executives to escalate the complaint to the CS Head of Comcast in your region.

Comcast Business Support

1. Customer Service of Comcast Business:

Comcast Business Customer Service Number
Comcast Business Customer Support 8003913000, 8007414141
Business (New Customers) 8554660144, 8554085419
Small & Medium Business 8554520168
Enterprise (request consultation) 8664290152

2. Comcast Business Customer Support to Complain about services:

Comcast Business Customer Service Number
Ethernet 8007414141, 8664290152
Business VoiceEdge 8664292321
PRI Trunks 8665247482
Teleworker 8665116489
Hospitality 8558697188
Cloud Solutions 8558675010, 8669503789

File a Complaint Online

To raise a concern with Xfinity, use the online Comcast support options like email, live chat, or online complaint forms.

Provide the following details:

  • Your name or customer ID
  • Subject of complaint
  • A brief problem summary, and any reference of documents (if required)

Keep the reference number for tracking and escalation. Use the Xfinity mobile app or web account for troubleshooting wireless and broadband issues.

Details to file an online complaint to Comcast:

Complain online to Xfinity (Mobile, Internet, Devices) File your complaint
Sign In with Xfinity ID Login/Register
Chat with Xfinity Assistant Click to Chat
Xfinity community forum Click Here
Messenger @Xfinity
X (Twitter) @xfinitysupport

Comcast Business: If you have complaints about the business services, complain online to Comcast Business Support to get faster resolution.

Need more help? Connect with the Comcast Business Support Forum

Still, not resolved to your satisfaction by Xfinity Support? If the submitted complaint is not resolved then you may register an informal complaint against Comcast to FCC.

Level 2: File an Informal Complaint to the FCC

If you’re not satisfied with the final resolution of Xfinity or the complaint wasn’t resolved within 30 days, you can file an informal complaint against Comcast to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Contact the FCC through the hotlines, email, or by filling out an online form.

Click: File a Complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Always mention the following details to the FCC:

  • The subject of the issue
  • Name of the company (Comcast)
  • A brief description of the issue.
  • Copy of any relevant document or proof.

Note: If you’re not satisfied with the FCC’s response, you can file a formal complaint against Xfinity to the Commission within 6 months of the final reply.

If your issue with Comcast isn’t resolved to your satisfaction within 30 days even after lodging an informal complaint with the FCC, then within 6 months of the FCC’s final reply, you can take action against Comcast.

These will protect your rights and help you claim fair services and monetary losses from Comcast for Xfinity services.

1. Submit a Notice of Dispute to Xfinity

To address your issue with Xfinity, begin by sending a Notice of Dispute to Xfinity’s legal department. Allow about 60 days for both parties to reach an agreement. If the problem persists, you can take the matter to small claims court or initiate an arbitration case with AAA.

Details of the Legal Department, Comcast to initiate a Mediation:

Form (Online) Submit your Notice of Dispute
Download Form Notice of Dispute.PDF
Officer Legal Department, Comcast
Address Attn; Legal Department/Arbitration – Comcast, 1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838

2. Start Arbitration or Take Small Claims Action

I. Arbitration with AAA:

You can start arbitration with Comcast by filling out the online form of the American Arbitration Association ( or by sending a letter by mail by following the guidelines of AAA. Send a copy of this notice to Comcast’s legal department to start the mediation.

Details to Start an Arbitration with AAA:

AAA Arbitration File a case (online)
Forms Download Arbitration Forms (
Toll-free Number +18007787879 (customer service)
Phone No. 2127165870
Fax No. 2127165907
Address American Arbitration Association – Customer Service Center, 335 Madison Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, New York 10017-4605.

Please note that fees apply as per AAA rules. Not satisfied with the arbitration? You may take legal action against Comcast. This could involve going to Small Claims Court or filing a case in Federal District Court or with the FCC.

II. Small Claims Court:

To take legal action against Comcast in the United States, a customer can file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court instead of arbitration. However, they need to follow the regulations set by federal and state Telecommunication acts.

It’s advisable to consult a legal expert and possibly an attorney general from the National Association of Attorney Generals (NAAG) for guidance on the disputed matter. Legal representation might be necessary for this process.

3. Approach FCC or Federal District Court

Finally, you may bring a lawsuit against Comcast in the Federal District Court or file a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Telecommunications Act, 47 (fee is applicable ). For a lawsuit in Federal District Court, legal representation is necessary. It’s important to consult legal counsel before proceeding with any legal action against Comcast.


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