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AT&T Customer Service Number: How to File a Complaint to AT&T Inc?


AT&T Inc (ATT) is an American multinational telecommunications holding company based in the United States. It provides telecom services like phone, internet, and broadband. Some broadcasting & TV services are also offered by AT&T to millions of customers.

It was founded by Alexander Graham Bell and his associates in 1875 as Bell Telephone Company but the government broke it up in 1984. Since then, it has merged with several other companies and expanded its business globally.

AT&T Internet Availability in The United States:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin
AT&T Headquarters with logo (source -
AT&T Headquarters with logo (source –

If need more information, find an AT&T store near you by using your location.

Major Services of AT&T:

  • Mobile Network: SIM (postpaid and prepaid plans), devices, 5G availability, and accessories.
  • Calling & Connectivity: International calling plans, global coverage options, billings & accounts, and roaming.
  • Internet Connectivity: DSL, optical fiber (wired), and wireless devices (Wifi gateway) & home connectivity.
  • Entertainment: Television, streaming services (videos & shows), DirectTV, U-verse TV, and home phone services (wired/wireless).
  • Business & Accessories: Includes networking, cybersecurity, monitoring, cloud solutions, smart home devices, and communication tools.
  • Others: International and domestic services with the collaboration of other companies.

Have any issues with billing, service interruption (internet or weak connectivity), or problems with equipment? This can be possible. You can report these concerns of poor customer service by dialing the AT&T customer care number to the representative of the company.

Do you want to complain to AT&T? Yes! you can do it through toll-free hotlines (helpline number), e-mail, or online chat support. The matters of contract disputes, privacy concerns, and service interruptions or outages will also be resolved.

Customers can also file an online complaint by filling out the online complaint form, sending an e-mail, or official social media channels AT&T. Also, don’t forget to note down the reference/ticket number of the submitted grievance.

Note – Is the disputed matter not resolved within 30 days? Are you not satisfied? In these conditions, You may escalate the complaint to the Federal Communications Commission, USA (FCC) by filing an informal complaint. If you desire, may initiate arbitration with AT&T or take legal action.

How to File a Complaint to AT&T?

As you know, AT&T is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States. If you have any complaints regarding services like the internet (speed), payment & billing (postpaid/prepaid), or network & connectivity in your area, file a complaint to the concerned department. For this, you should follow a predefined complaint registration mechanism.

You may also report problems related to devices, accessories, telecasting/TV, and streaming services. If the dispute is about sales, contracts, or business practices, you should contact the business wing of the company and further to the legal authorities.

The dispute resolution mechanism is basically divided into 3 levels.

  • In level 1, you can directly register a complaint to the customer representatives of AT&T.
  • If not satisfied or delay in resolution, level 2 where you may file an arbitration in the legal department of the company.
  • At the final level, you may file an informal complaint to the FCC and further take legal action.
  • If the dispute pertains to billing/payment or higher charges, or unethical practices, file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the consumer protection authority of the federal or respective state governments in the USA.

The Ways to File a Complaint:

  • ATT Customer Service Number (Hotline)
  • E-mail or Written Complaint Letter
  • Online Complaint Form & Chat Support

If not satisfied with the resolution, approach:

  • Arbitration – If not satisfied with the support
  • Consumer Disputes – The FTC, Consumer Court, or state’s Public Utility Commission (PUC)
  • The FCC –  Lodge an informal/formal complaint (lawsuit)
  • Take legal action (Federal District Court)

Note – If the registered complaints are not resolved within 30 days or you feel that AT&T has violated the Telecommunications Act or any other consumer protection laws, file an informal complaint to the FCC (no fee is required). If not satisfied with the final resolution then you should proceed to take legal action with the help of legal counsel.

You may bring a lawsuit against the company in the Federal District Court or the Commission under the respective section 207 or 208 of the Communications Act. 47.

Legal action must be taken within 6 months of receiving the final response to an informal complaint from the FCC.

Tips Sometimes cases belong to consumer matters like billing, higher service charges, quality of products or services, or breach of business rules. If you want to report these cases, approach the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Be sure to follow the information below to resolve the issues with AT&T. Each level should be followed chronologically to get a faster resolution in your favor.

ATT Customer Service Number

The fastest way to resolve the issue is to call customer care at AT&T. If you are facing such critical issues with the telecom, internet, mobile (wireless/wifi), or broadband (TV, direct stream, & home phone) services, instantly dial the toll-free customer service number of ATT. The representative on the hotline will ensure that the pertaining problem should be resolved as soon as possible.

Are you ready to file a complaint? You should be. Call the support team, once you are connected, provide the following information:

  • Name, and location of the issue
  • The nature of the complaint
  • A brief description of the pertaining problem
  • Mention relevant evidence (if required) for technical issues.
  • Billing details (if the dispute belongs to payment)

AlertDon’t share any financially sensitive or personal information including OTP with ATT customer care executives or agents even with any official members. To be aware yourself, read the consumer advice of the FTC.

After this, the complaint will be registered successfully. Please note down or ask for the reference/acknowledgment number of the case to track the progress. Technical support is available 24×7. The issues of billing and account can also be raised through these customer support hotlines.

You may also use this ticket number to escalate the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaint to the supervisor or higher authority of the company.

AT&T Hotline and Toll-free Helpline Numbers – Register a Complaint about Telecom Services:

Call the AT&T Support Customer Service Number
ATT Wireless Complaint Number 611, 18003310500
New Wireless Service Helpline 18883336651
Travel Abroad (International) Support +13149256925
FirstNet Customer Care Number 18005747000
Get AT&T Wireless Support Click here
Internet & Home:
Internet, Phone, and TV Hotline 18002882020
New Internet Service Hotline 18668616075
Get AT&T Internet Support Click here
Disability Helpline Number 18662416568, 8662416567 (TTY)

You can also request the cancellation of any service, transfer of service to a new location, get details of AT&T or DirectTV bill, and any other questions about the particular services.

E-mail to AT&T Customer Care:

AT&T Service/Product Issue E-mail
Wireless & Internet,
U-verse TV
DIRECTV Services

Tips – Dial the toll-free number 18002882020 for issues related to internet billing, account & tech support. If a similar problem is pertaining to the wireless connection of AT&T, call 18003310500 and get customer support for the bill & account.

Note If not satisfied with the resolution, file an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC). Further, you may proceed with legal action or arbitration with the company.

Have any issues with Wireless Services or ATT Savings Services of the company? Use below contact details to resolve the problem.

AT&T Preferred Dealer Hotline

Need help as a new customer? Contact the customer service agents who are available 24×7 to help or resolve queries related to new wireless, internet, bundles, or TV/Streaming plans. Also, know the promotional offers, and discounts to buy a device or smartphone (including iPhone, Samsung, etc.) and new plans/services.

ATT Wireless and AT&T Savings Customer Service (Call Toll-free Numbers,

AT&T Preferred Dealer Support Customer Service Number
New Wireless Service Hotline +18447046355​
Call to Upgrade or Add a Line +18554215106
Dial to Add TV/Internet in Plan +18447046355
For New Customers, Move Service, and Upgrade/Change +18555574451

Do you need more information? Click the AT&T preferred dealer

Have any issues or need help for:

  • Internet Plans – Including AT&T fiber (Internet 1000, 500, or 300), Multi-Gig internet (5 Gig or 2 Gig), Copper or gaming internet, and WIFI.
  • Deals – For deals, bundles, or Affordability Connectivity Program
  • Availability – Local connectivity, moving to a new, or home phone
  • TV – Services of DirectTV (channels, entertainment, premier, etc.) and DirectTV Stream (channels, app, or entertainment)
  • Wireless – For unlimited data plans, Apple or Samsung devices, or international (roaming plans)

Call Now – Contact Numbers of the AT&T Customer Service Centers (

AT&T Services & Support Customer Service Number
Support to Upgrade/Add New Service +18889260261
Call to Order New Service +18555793106
ATT DIRECTV Customer Service +18003333474
Contact ATT Savings Service Center Click here

Note – Have any doubts? Are your problems not resolved within the given time (maximum 30 days)? First, request the customer care representative to escalate the issue to the next nodal officer. If this does not happen, file an informal complaint to the FCC. Read below.

DIRECTV Stream Customer Service Number

Want to complain about AT&T DIRECTV Stream services? Sure! You can raise a concern to dedicated customer care agents. This service is different from DIRECTV because it offers on-demand live TV streaming not based on annual contracts.

So, you will have to contact separately to customer service which is available 24×7 to resolve the issues and provide instant help for DIRECTV Stream. To contact the agents, dial the helpline numbers as illustrated below.

AT&T DIRECTV STREAM Support Customer Service Number
For Order Stream New Service or Moving +18555793106
Call for Technical Issues +18339041656
For Billing Issues/Questions +18339041657
DIRECTV Customer Service Number +18005315000
Call for DIRECTV Billing & Account +18662661292

Tips – If you need help moving or to transfer a service, call customer service by dialing +18558084941 and resolve the issue or request to move or transfer the service.

Not satisfied with AT&T services? You may approach the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). The details are mentioned in the section below.

AT&T Business Customer Service

Have any issues with AT&T business services like Wireless, Internet, Installation, Business Global, or Bill & Account? If yes, call the available business customer care number for technical support. Also, file a complaint about products & services to the concerned customer service.

This category of service is divided into two sub-categories first is ATT Small Business and the second is Enterprise Business Services. Separate business support is available for each sub-category. Contact only your business customer service as illustrated below.

1. Small Business

AT&T Small Business Customer Service Numbers and Contact Details:

AT&T Small Business Support Customer Service Number
Wireless Issues +18003310500
Call for Internet, Phone, and TV +18558595896, +18889440447
For Bills, Payments, and Autopay Click Here

Tips Have any disputes with the business services of AT&T? You should raise this disputed matter with Federal Trade Commission or the FCC. If you desire, may request to initiate arbitration with the help of AAA (American Arbitration Association).

2. AT&T Enterprise Customer Service

Contact the business customer service agents/representatives of AT&T to resolve the technical, telecom services, and billing issues. The issues may include Wireless services, troubleshooting & technical installation, billing & collection, online portals (website), and other services.

I. AT&T Wireless Business:

AT&T Wireless Business Support Customer Service Number
Wireless Business Customer Care +18003310500
Device Insurance Replacement
FirstNet Customer Care
Port Activations Center
Report Wireless Global Fraud +18778445584

II. ATT Troubleshoot & Technical Support:

AT&T Technical & Troubleshoot Support Customer Service Number
General Customer Service Number 8003212000
Local Service Trouble Reporting 8002472020
AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) 8002882020
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet +18777223755
AT&T High-Speed Internet-Enterprise (HSIA-E) +18779375288
AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI) +18886136330
AT&T IP Flexible Reach (IPFlex) +18772888362
AT&T Phone for Business Advance (APB-A) & AT&T Office@Hand 8006150708
Phone and Equipment Repair 8002488484
AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN) 8007272222
AT&T Business Wi-Fi +18552889434
AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand +18442886633
AT&T FlexWare +18447363843
AT&T Cybersecurity +18776772881
AT&T Toll-Free Customer Care 8003255555
AT&T Long Distance +18005806576
AT&T International Voice +18003619931

III. ATT Installation Support:

Get assistance from tech support in the process of initiating services and installation, refer below.

AT&T Installation & Tech Support Customer Service Number
AT&T Ethernet +18886867473
ADI, AVPN, IPFlex scheduling, and test and turn up +18552637647
AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI) +18884714574
AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) Plug and Play +18777509305
AT&T IP Flexible Reach (IPFlex) +18885288763
Disconnect in Error +18007725383
Local Government & Education +18779726279
Voice Advanced Features +18003256336
AT&T FlexWare +18003653162

IV. Billing, Account & Collections:

AT&T Billing & Collections Support (Business) Customer Service Number
General Billing +18003212000
General Collections +18888188444
Global Enterprise Billing & Collections +18002357524
Business Fiber Collections +18772385197
DIRECTV Billing +18005315000
AT&T Uverse Billing +18559200146
AT&T Website Solutions Billing +18889324678
Local Exchange Service (LNS) Billing +18882273824
AT&T Co-Location Hosting, IBM managed hosting & Digital Media Solutions Billing +18777892877

V. Online Portals and Other Business (Enterprise) Services:

AT&T Online Portals & Other Services (Business) Customer Service Number
Business Center Support +18442883249
BusinessDirect Support +18002210000
myAT&T Support and Premier Support +18003310500
Business Global Fraud +18008218235
AT&T Website Solutions Technical Support +18889324678
AT&T Route-It Support +18008622237

Need more information about these contact details? Visit the AT&T support for business customers page.

Note If you have any disputes regarding trade or business practices? You may contact the FTC (United States) or choose an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism by contacting the legal department of AT&T Inc company.

If any customer or business entity wants to file an online complaint or track the status of a submitted issue or inquiry, refer below.

File an Online Complaint with AT&T

The Customers can get instant help by filing an online complaint to concerned agents or representatives of AT&T. You may contact AT&T Support through live chat, online complaint form (portal), mobile app, or email to the respective department. If you have any queries, join the community forum of the company.

The major 3 categories of services for which customers can raise an online concern are Wireless, internet, and bills & account. Further, these are divided into sub-categories:

1. Wireless Services include:

  • Connection – phone calls, text & messaging, internet, and service quality & speed
  • Services – Voicemail, Apps, Email, and Mobile Security
  • Device – Power & battery, Device pairing (NumberSync), Device features, and Cell Booster
  • Setup – Activation & SIM, Unlock the device, Sign-in help, Software & sync.

2. Internet, TV & Home Supports Include:

  • My gateway – Slow internet connection, Port forwarding, IP passthrough, Email setup, and repair.
  • My Wi-Fi – Manage Wi-Fi, Intermittent Wi-Fi, Set up equipment, or No internet connection.
  • Home Manager – Check for outages, order status, or internet speed.
  • TV & Home Phone – Services related to DIRECTV Stream (AT&T TV), DIRECTV, U-verse TV, Digital phone, or Landline home phone.
  • Others – Alexa support, Internet parental controls, or Battery backup.

3. Billing & Account:

  • Account – Topics related to Account access, IDs & passwords, Profile & contact info, or Privacy, fraud & security.
  • Billing – Issues of billing & payments including charges, fees, Usage info & alerts, or Move, change, suspend & cancel service.

Do you want to file an online complaint about these issues? Yes! You should follow the below links and raise a concern by submitting an online ticket. Also, after the successful submission of your problem, note down the reference number to track the status.

Format to file an online complaint to AT&T (source -
Format to file an online complaint to AT&T (source –

Provide the Following Information:

  • Name and AT&T connection details
  • The Nature of the complaint
  • The category of the issue
  • Detailed information about the problem or complaint
  • ‘Any relevant document or proof (if required, specifically for the billing issues)

The mediums to lodge a complaint are Mobile apps, online support websites (support video library), e-mail, complaint forms, and live chat with a representative. You should choose one option at your convenience.

Links to File an Online Complaint to AT&T Customer Support (Personal):

File an Online Complaint to AT&T Links
MyAT&T Account Login/Register
AT&T Wireless Services File a Complaint
Internet Live Support Click Here
Bill & Account (View Bill & Autopay) Bill guide /Autopay
AT&T Community Forum Join/Ask a Question

Other Available Options:

AT&T Personal (Online Help) File a Complaint
AT&T Chat (Live with Agents) Chat with Rep
Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook
All AT&T Apps Open Play Store

Note Not satisfied with the resolution? Has the complaint not been resolved within 30 days? As earlier mentioned, you should file an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Further, you may file a case in small claim courts or submit a Notice of Dispute to start an informal dispute resolution with the legal department of AT&T. Detailed information is available in the section below.

AT&T Business: Lodge an Online Complaint

If you want to directly lodge an online grievance or raise a concern to the ATT support team of business & enterprise products/services, click the links of the respective pages below.

AT&T Online Support for Business and Enterprise Services to Lodge a Complaint:

AT&T Business/Enterprise (Express Ticketing) Get Help/Check Status
Contact AT&T Business Click Here
Login to AT&T Business Direct Login Now
Connect with ATT Business Center Register

Have you submitted your disputed issues? Is it resolved? If not, you may contact the legal department of the company for settlement or pursue arbitration at American Arbitration Association (AAA).

Tips You may also approach the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for cases of business & trade. The best way is to contact your legal counsel for legal technicalities and know the ways to resolve the disputes in your favor.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC): File a Complaint against AT&T

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the apex body to ensure the implementation of the Telecommunications Act of the United States. Are you not satisfied with the final redressal of AT&T? Is the complaint not resolved within 30 days? In these conditions, you may file an informal complaint against AT&T to the Consumer Complaints Center of the FCC.

You contact the FCC help center through hotlines (helpline number), e-mail, or by filling out an online informal complaint form. To file a complaint, visit the link below.

Click: File a Complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Remember, If you are not satisfied with the final resolution of the FCC, you may file a formal complaint against AT&T within 6 months of receiving the final response from the commission.

Always mention the following details to the FCC:

  • The subject of the issue
  • Name of the company (AT&T)
  • A brief description of the issue.
  • Copy of any relevant document or proof.

If the case belongs to consumer issues like unreasonable billing charges, scams, or unethical/illegal business practices, file a complaint to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with appropriate information.

NoteIf the issue is not resolved per your satisfaction, you may proceed to file a case in small claims court or bring a lawsuit to the Federal District Court. Consumers may take legal action against AT&T Services, Inc in the constituted commission of the FCC. The fee will be applicable. The help of a legal counsel will be required (optional).

Tips – Before taking legal action, you should proceed with small claims settlement by starting the informal dispute resolution process (by submitting a notice of dispute) with AT&T’s legal department. If disputes are not resolved, you may pursue individual arbitration.

Submit a Notice of Dispute

If you don’t want to escalate the case in the small claims court, you may start the informal dispute resolution with AT&T. For this, send a notice of Dispute to the legal department of the company. This can be done online as well as offline (postal mail).

This process will take approximately 60 days and both parties will share the information to reach an agreement. The mode of communication can be phone or videoconference to schedule an Informal Settlement Conference to try to reach an agreement.

A format of the Notice of Dispute Form of AT&T ( for alternative dispute resolution
A format of the Notice of Dispute Form of AT&T for alternative dispute resolution(source –

In the Account Authorized Person Form, Mention:

  • AT&T Customer Details including the wireless number, address, email, etc.
  • Authorized person details like name, company, and contact information.
  • Signature

Visit the link to submit a notice of dispute with the mandatory information and download the form to attach it to the online form, refer below.

AT&T Account Authorization Form Download (PDF)
AT&T Notice of Dispute Form Download (PDF)
Online Notice of Dispute Form Click to Open Form

Must Mention These Request Information in the Notice Form:

  • The claimant’s name, address, and phone number
  • The Account number at issue
  • The services (if any) to which the claim pertains
  • A description of the nature and basis of the claim or dispute
  • An explanation of the specific relief sought and the basis for the calculations

Send the Notice Form to AT&T Legal Department at:

Postal Address:
Legal Department – Notice of Dispute,
AT&T Inc, 208 S. Akard, Office #2900.13, Dallas, Texas 75202.

Note Have you submitted the online form of the notice of the dispute to the department? Not satisfied with the agreement or settlement? You may proceed to file an individual legal claim either by small claims lawsuit or arbitration demand with AAA.

A consumer can file an individual legal claim against the unsettled or disputed case of AT&T services to the recognized legal authorities. Two options are available, the first is to file a small claim lawsuit and the second is an arbitration demand with American Arbitration Association.

Before this, you should submit a Notice of Dispute to reach an agreement with the internal informal dispute process of AT&T company. This may take 60 days, beyond it you may file an individual legal claim by using any one option as mentioned above.

Tips You may also file a formal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or take legal action under the Telecommunications Act, 47 with the Commission. The lawsuit against AT&T Services can also be filed with the Federal District Courts with the help of your legal counsel.

The Arbitration Procedure

Follow the procedure to initiate arbitration with American Arbitration Association (AAA) at


  • Download a form to initiate arbitration – Arbitration form.PDF
  • Fill out the required information and attach documents
  • Mail a copy of this form and a copy of the AT&T arbitration provision to the AT&T Arbitration Department
  • Submit this form to AAA

Send a copy of the Arbitration form to AT&T at:

Postal Address:
Manager—Dispute Resolution and Arbitration,
AT&T, 1025 Lenox Park Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30319.

For any help related to Arbitration with AAA, call AAA customer service at 8007787879 or visit the website to know the detailed procedure.

The arbitration will be governed by the Consumer Arbitration Rules and AAA rules of the American Arbitration Association. Before taking action, check the rules, forms, and fees of AAA for alternative dispute resolution processes.

If AAA refuses to enforce the arbitration provisions, you should select another registered arbitration provider to reach an agreement. If there is no agreement with AT&T, the disputed case will be decided by the court.

The following issues will be decided only by the court, not arbitration (as per the consumer service agreement policy of AT&T):

  • Issues relating to the scope and enforceability of the arbitration provision,
  • Whether a dispute can or must be brought into arbitration,
  • Whether the AAA cannot or will not administer the arbitration in accordance with this arbitration provision,
  • Whether subsection has been complied with or violated for purposes of awarding relief under that subsection that a court can award, and
  • Whether subsections,, or have been complied with or violated.

Need more information? Read the AT&T consumer service agreement to know the detailed procedure of arbitration and other defined legal general terms.

Note If you are a business customer, read the Agreement for business customers only, and now the available alternative dispute resolution mediums. If you are in the United States, seek help from AAA at as mentioned earlier.

The Federal District Courts or the FCC are the legal bodies where you may contact if you are not satisfied with any one of the above arbitrator or resolution authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions about AT&T

Q. What is the AT&T customer service number to lodge a complaint?
A. The toll-free AT&T customer service number for mobility & prepaid is 611, 8003310500, and 8009019878. For Internet, TV, or landline, dial 8002882020, and call for the issues of Digital Life at 8552882727 to raise a complaint.

Q. Where can I complain if my issues are not resolved by an AT&T customer representative?
A. First, you should ask the AT&T representative to escalate the disputed case to the senior official or nodal officer of the company. If this does not happen or not satisfied with the resolution, file an informal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Q. What can I do if I’m not satisfied with the resolution of AT&T?
A. You may start an informal dispute resolution by submitting an online Notice of Dispute to the legal department of AT&T. If consumers desire, may bring a lawsuit in small claims court.
The other way is to initiate arbitration at American Arbitration Association (AAA). This can be done if you are not satisfied with alternative dispute resolution at AT&T or have not reached an agreement with the company within 60 days.

Q. Can I take legal action against AT&T if I’m not reached an agreement with AAA?
A. Yes, you can take legal action against AT&T if you are not satisfied with the resolution of the informal complaint submitted at the FCC or have not reached an agreement with the arbitrator (AAA). In both cases, you will have to pay a prescribed fee. The ways to take legal action:

  1. Federal Communications Commission: If you want to file a formal complaint or take legal action by bringing a lawsuit against AT&T at the Federal Communications Commission, this must be done within 6 months of the final response of the submitted informal complaint.
  2. Federal District Court: You may directly bring a lawsuit against the company with the help of your legal counsel. The details and evidence should be provided as per the rules and laws defined under the Telecommunications Act, 47.


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