The same problem every month with the internet.


    Every month I am having a problem with the internet. I call h when I manage to communicate with the agent, he sends me a technician, who has already written and informed me that the box is not working and that it is necessary to change it. I’ve been without internet for 3 days now, and last year I was without internet for 17 days and they don’t solve the problem, my son has to study, I have to work, I have to work, and when I talk to the customer services staff they don’t want the customer get angry, when I call and call and they don’t resolve the situation, I don’t want this internet anymore, it’s not effective for me, fast if they collect the money but don’t provide good service. How many days to free myself from you. No more. This internet is not a good option. If they are working somewhere, the internet goes out in my house, and it goes like this for hours, now I am waiting for another technician to see what he is going to do, because every time they send a technician, he changes the cable but continues the Same problem with the internet.