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DPDC Hotline: Register an Electricity Complaint to Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited


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Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) is one of the largest power distribution companies in Bangladesh, serving in the southern part of the capital city of Dhaka and adjoining townships of Narayangonj and Tongi. However, power outages, voltage fluctuations, and other electrical issues can sometimes occur.

If you are a DPDC customer and you have any issue or complaint regarding your electricity service, such as power interruption, meter reading, billing, connection, disconnection, or any other service-related matter, you can register your complaint through power hotline, customer service number, or complain online to DPDC.

Customers of DPDC can report from the following areas within Dhaka City:

  • Gulshan
  • Banani
  • Baridhara
  • Uttara
  • Mirpur
  • Dhanmondi
  • Mohammadpur
  • Motijheel
  • Old Dhaka (parts)
  • And other areas

Level 1: Customer Service, DPDC

As per the guidelines of the citizen chart of DPDC, here are the primary ways to register an electrical complaint with DPDC:

  • Customer Care Hotline: Call the DPDC hotline number 16116 at any time of the day or night and talk to a customer care representative.
  • Email: Send an email to with your complaint details and contact information.
  • Complain online to DPDC: File a complaint
  • Customer Service Centers: Visit any of the DPDC customer service centers located in your area and register your complaint in person by submitting a written complaint letter.

In case of an online complaint, you will need to fill out an online form with your complaint details, account/connection number and contact information and submit it.

After this, note down the token/reference number for tracking the status of your complaint. You can also use this number to ask for any kind of emergency information related to your electricity service or escalate unresolved complaints to higher authorities.

Regional Customer Care Number

Call the local customer service call center and control room of DPDC or email to raise your power complaints instantly using below contact details.

1. Adabor:

Designation Customer Service, Adabor, DPDC
Customer Care No. 8101592
Phone Number 01766675038
Address Distribution Division, 24/A, Block-C, Tajmohal Road, Japan Garden City, Adabor, Dhaka.

2. Azimpur:

Designation Customer Service, Azimpur, DPDC
Customer Care No. 02223364271
Phone Number 01730320309
Address Distribution Division, 33/11 kV Sub-station, Azimpur Bus Stand, Chowrasta, West Side, Dhaka.

3. Bashaboo:

Designation Customer Service, Bashaboo, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 55120492
Phone Number 01730320316
Address Distribution Division, 1460/2/kha, Taltala Jilpar, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219.

4. Banglabazar:

Designation Customer Service, Banglabazar, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 47391319
Phone Number 01730320321
Address Distribution Division, 1, Kumartoli, Islampur, Dhaka.

5. Bangshal:

Designation Customer Service, Bangshal, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 57314008
Phone Number 01730320322
Address Distribution Division, 26, Nazimuddin Road, in front of Mappusha mazar, Dhaka.

6. Bonosri:

Designation Customer Service, Bonosri, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 47291973
Phone Number 01766675039
Address Distribution Division, Block # M, Goran 33/11 Kv Sub-station, South Bonosri, Khilgaon, Dhaka 1219.

7. Dhanmondi:

Designation Customer Service, Dhanmondi, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 0248122752
Phone Number 01730320302
Address Distribution Division, 8/2 Lalmatia, NEW Colony, Dhaka-1207.

8. Demra:

Designation Customer Service, Demra, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02223302848
Phone Number 01730320332
Address Distribution Division, Sharulia Bazar, Beside Fire Service, Demra, Dhaka.

9. Fatulla:

Designation Customer Service, Fatulla, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02-997746133
Phone Number 01730320328
Address Distribution Division, Punchaboti, NOCS Fatulla, N.gong.

10. Jurain:

Designation Customer Service, Jurain, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02223343968
Phone Number 01730320326
Address Distribution Division, 169/1/A/2, Dhoalipar, Amir Nibash, Dhaka-1204.

11. Jigatola:

Designation Customer Service, Jigatola, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 55000776
Phone Number 01730320304
Address Distribution Division, House #58/A, Road # 6/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209.

12. Kamrangirchar:

Designation Customer Service, Kamrangirchar, DPDC
2. Customer Care No N/A
Phone Number 01730320312
Address Distribution Division, Kurarghat, Biddut Office, Beside Hospital, Kamrangirchar, Dhaka.

13. Kakrail:

Designation Customer Service, Kakrail, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 48315178
Phone Number 01730320308
Address Distribution Division, House:7, NEW Eskaton Road, Gausnager, Dhaka-1000.

14. Khilgaon:

Designation Customer Service, Khilgaon, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 47212244
Phone Number 01730320315
Address Distribution Division, Taltala Jilpar, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1000.

15. Kazla:

Designation Customer Service, Kazla, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02223344343
Phone Number 01730320320
Address Distribution Division, North Kutubkhali, Kazla, Dhaka-1204

16. Lalbag:

Designation Customer Service, Lalbag, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 57315156
Phone Number 01730320311
Address Distribution Division, 132/33, Lalbag Grid, Lalbagh, Dhaka.

17. Motijheel:

Designation Customer Service, Motijheel, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02222222256-7
Phone Number 01730320317
Address Distribution Division, 1 no. Pirjangi Majar, beside of Ideal College Gate, Dhaka.

18. Mugdapara:

Designation Customer Service, Mugdapara, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02-47292880
Phone Number 01730320319
Address Distribution Division, 132/33/11 KV GIS Grid Sub-Station, Grid North-2, 3 East Madartek, Dhaka-1214.

19. Mogbazar:

Designation Customer Service, Mogbazar, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02226664266
Phone Number 01730320306
Address Distribution Division, Mogbazar TNT 33/11 KV GIS Sub-Station, DIT Road, beside Shahidi Mashjid, Malibag, Dhaka-1217.

20. Maniknagar:

Designation Customer Service, Maniknagar, DPDC
2. Customer Care No +8802223348855
Phone Number 01730320318
Address Distribution Division, 22/6/1-2, North Golapbagh, Dhaka-1204.

21. Matuail:

Designation Customer Service, Matuail, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02223342700
Phone Number 01766675040
Address Distribution Division, Shahjahan Babul Center, South Matuail, Nearest Multimedia CNG Station.

22. Narinda:

Designation Customer Service, Narinda, DPDC
2. Customer Care No 02-223353299
Phone Number 01730320324
Address Distribution Division, 62, Bhagoboti Shonkho Nedhi Shakha Lan, Narinda, Dhaka.

23. Narayangonj (West):

Designation Customer Service, Narayangonj (West), DPDC
2. Customer Care No 22244373
Phone Number 01730320330
Address Distribution Division, 33 Esakha Road, Killarpul, Narayangonj (West).

24. Narayangonj (East):

Designation Customer Service, Narayangonj (East), DPDC
Customer Care No +8802224438442
Phone Number 01730320329
Address Distribution Division, 33 Esakha Road, Killarpul, Narayangonj (East).

25. Paribag:

Designation Customer Service, Paribag, DPDC
Customer Care No 02223371705, 02223371704
Phone Number 01730320310
Address Distribution Division, Green Road Dormatory, 33/11 kV Sub-station, Dhaka-1000.

26. Postogola:

Designation Customer Service, Postogola, DPDC
Customer Care No 47441621
Phone Number 01730320325
Address Distribution Division, 47/48 NCG Road, Postagola, Dhaka.

27. Ramna:

Designation Customer Service, Ramna, DPDC
Customer Care No 223355077
Phone Number 01730320313
Address Distribution Division, 1, Abdul Gani Road, Ramna Control Room, Biddut Bhaban, Dhaka.

28. Rajarbag:

Designation Customer Service, Rajarbag, DPDC
Customer Care No 222220777
Phone Number 01730320314
Address Distribution Division, 412, Gulbag, Dhaka.

29. Swamibag:

Designation Customer Service, Swamibag, DPDC
Customer Care No 223358633
Phone Number 01730320323
Address Distribution Division, 84, Swamibagh Road, Dhaka.

30. Satmosjid:

Designation Customer Service, Satmosjid, DPDC
Phone Number 01730320301
Address Distribution Division, House: 97/3/k, Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Mohammadpur Busstand, Dhaka

31. Shamoli:

Designation Customer Service, Shamoli, DPDC
Customer Care No 48120141
Mobile Number 01730320303
Address Distribution Division, 8/2 NEW Colony, Lalmatia, Block-A, Dhaka-1207.

32. Sher-e-Bangla Nagar:

Designation Customer Service, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, DPDC
Customer Care No 58151247
Mobile Number 01730320307
Address Distribution Division, 22, Manik Mia Avenue, Shech Bhaban, NOCS, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.

33. Shyampur:

Designation Customer Service, Shyampur, DPDC
Customer Care No 47450877
Mobile Number 01730320327
Address Distribution Division, Shyampur Staff QUARTER, Bhaban-2, WASA liae, Dhaka-1204.

34. Siddhirgonj:

Designation Customer Service, Siddhirgonj, DPDC
Customer Care No 02997744955
Mobile Number 01730320331
Address Distribution Division, 147/A, Ati Siddirgong, Siddhirgonj, Narayanganj.

35. Sitalakhya:

Designation Customer Service, Sitalakhya, DPDC
Customer Care No 02997746747
Mobile Number 01766675041
Address Distribution Division, Fatulla 33/11kv Sub-Station, Punchaboti, Fatulla, Narayanganj.

36. Tejgaon:

Designation Customer Service, Tejgaon, DPDC
Mobile Number 01730320305
Address Distribution Division, 374, Eastern Tube, Tajgaon, Dhaka-1208.

Not resolved? you may escalate your grievance to higher authorities at the next level.

Level 2: Grievance Disposal Officer, DPDC

If your complaint is not resolved within 15 days of registering it at Level 1, or you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can escalate your complaint to the Grievance Redressal Officer with reference/acknowledgement ID of the previous complaint.

Contact details to escalate the electricity complaint to GRO, DPDC:

Designation GRS Officer (Chief Engineer), DPDC
Phone Number 0223353232, 0241025656
Address Officer-In-Charge (GRS Officer) – DPDC Grievance Redressal Department, 1, Abdul Gani Road, Dhaka-1000.

Note: You can also lodge a public grievance to DPDC through a citizen complaint filing form at Grievance Redressal System (GRS), Govt. of Bangladesh.

The Complaint Management Cell will review your complaint and take necessary actions to resolve it as soon as possible.

Level 3: Appellate Officer, DPDC

In uncommon instances where customers are not satisfied with the resolution given by the GRS Officer at Level 2, they can escalate their complaint to the Appellate Officer, DPDC.

Contact the Nodal/Appellate Officer at:

Designation Appellate Officer (Joint Secretary), DPDC
Phone Number 0247120028
Address Appellate Officer, DESCO – Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited, Bidyut Bhaban, 1, Abdul Gani Road, Dhaka-1000

If your complaint is not resolved within 30 days of registering it at Level 1, or you are not satisfied with the resolution at Level 2, you can file a complaint with the BERC:

DPDC works hard to address consumer issues and improve its service quality and customer satisfaction. Cooperate with DPDC officials and provide valuable suggestions and feedback to help serve them better.


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