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Terrible customer service


I called this morning because my router of 3 years had been messing up. I was told even though I had been a customer for over a decade I had to pay a deposit for the router which I questioned. The man was very rude and pushy and told me to pay my bill which wasn’t due for 5 more days. When I said no, he canceled my service and hung up on me. When I went to log back in, my email address had changed which I have screenshots of. I attempted to call back in to get my service turned back on. The next man told me I needed to pay my bill before I could get a router which again wasn’t due to 5 more days. I said no and told him to wait on the router. He then began to push me to pay my bill early and gave me his contact info to call in and pay with him on the 26th which made no sense. I asked him for customer services number and he told me I was speaking to them. I then went to their app to file a complaint and was met with yet another person who informed me they had handled my complaint but could t put me in touch with anyone to address my email being changed. I have been a customer for 12 and feel this company has lost my service. Changing an email address is malicious.

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