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Solar Credit Payments not several months past due


Hello, until about August of last year, I was receiving monthly statements with the majority if not all of the months having overproduction from the 27 (old) and the new 20 panels I have on my roof. As of August, I had a credit of well over $460 and should have ended up being around the $700-$800 mark at the end of our year end true up.

I called in over a month ago, spoke with an agent who informed me that the credit was going to be applied to the account automatically and role in to 2024. I was never asked or told it would be automatic enrollment. I asked to reverse that, which is supposed to kick off my rebate check. Aside from the fact I have not received a bill in over 6 months, your current calculation of my usage of what is online is woefully wrong.

How soon can I expect the usage correction, the rebate check and a bill that is accurate ongoing? Trying to call in to talk to a live person is a joke. I can’t find my way out of that IVR hell.


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