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FedEx Support, US: File a Delivery or Shipping Complaint to FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.


FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. (FedEx USA) is a leading logistics and shipment company providing parcel, delivery, and shipping services in the USA and worldwide. The logistics service of FedEx is Fed Fright for shipments over 150 lbs within the USA, Canada, or Mexico.

In the domain of shipping services, efficient deliveries are essential. When discrepancies arise with FedEx in the USA, understanding the structured approach to filing delivery or shipping complaints becomes important. So, know each level of escalation, ensuring your concerns are effectively addressed.

Have complaints about FedEx? Report the major issues like delayed delivery, payments, refunds, insurance claims, or partial/damaged products/articles. Some other problems can be:

  • FedEx Express: For Fast shipments within the USA or to another country for overnight, 2-day, or 3-day delivery.
  • FedEx Ground: For packages and freight shipment in 1 to 7 business days within the USA or to Canada.
  • FedEx Freight: For direct delivery of heavy and bulky items to residences and businesses.
  • FedEx Office: For retail locations with packing, printing, and shipping services including cloud storage and access.
  • FedEx Logistics: For heavy shipments, customs brokerage, trade compliance, transportation management, warehousing, and distribution.

Customers can also resolve issues related to tracking, managing shipments, changing the address, date, or time, requesting a signature, or holding at a FedEx location. Also, redress the concerns of FedEx Tracking, Insight, Manager, and Ship Manager (for creating and printing shipping labels, scheduling pickups, getting rates and transit times) tools.

Level 1: Customer Service, FedEx

Time: 24×7 | 7 AM – 8 PM CST

Package/Envelope Express Freight, FedEx US Customer Support
Customer Service Hotline 1800-Go-FedEx; 18004633339
Internation Customer Service Number 18002474747
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 18002384461
Billing Inquiry Help 18006221147
FedEx Express Freight Service 18003320807
Track Shipment Click to Track
Online Support Website: Contact FedEx, USA

Initiate the resolution process for delivery or shipment-related issues by reaching out to FedEx Customer Support, your initial point of contact for issue resolution. Dial the FedEx customer service hotline, or customer service number for non-urgent concerns. If written communication is preferred, send an email to the FedEx Customer Service department or choose the online complaint registration option.

Clearly outline your complaint and provide pertinent details such as:

  • Tracking Numbers (AWB)
  • Nature of issue
  • Date and a detailed description of the issue with facts and supporting documents (invoice, images, etc.).

1. FedEx Freight Shipment Support:

FedEx Freight Customer Support
US Freight Hotline 18663934585
Internation Customer Service Number 18663934685
Technical Support 18004357949
Freight Volume Service 18884655646
FedEx Freight, AR Office
Email (Ship Manager Account)

2. FedEx Expedited/Extra Care Support:

FedEx Freight Solution Customer Hotline
Surface Expedite (FedEx Custom) 18007623787
White Glove Service Help 18662801810
Freight Solution Support 18884445940

3. FedEx Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding Support:

FedEx Air & Ocean Freight Customer Service
FedEx Express/Ground CS 18004633339
FedEx Trade Networks Center 18002492953
Email (Trade Center)

4. Small Business Center Support:

FedEx Small Business Customer Support
Technical Hotline 18773392774
Online Support Web: Contact FedEx Small Business Center

5. FedEx Claim Support:

FedEx Claim Support
Online Claim File a claim
Supported Documents Click to View

In the last, don’t forget to note down or print the ticket/reference number of the submitted complaint with FedEx Customer Support.

Level 2: Head Office, FedEx USA

Designation Head Office, FedEx
Support Click to contact 
Postal Mail FedEx Express – FedEx Customer Relations, 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116.
FedEx Ground – 1000 FedEx Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108.

If your concerns persist or are not resolved at Level 1, escalate your complaint to FedEx’s Head Office in the USA. Provide a brief history of your previous complaint with a ticket/reference number, ensuring that all facts are accurately included. Escalating the matter to higher levels within the FedEx Customer Service Department will increase the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution. (If yet not resolved)

Alternatively, you can also send a Notice of Dispute to the FedEx Legal Department for internal resolution.

Level 3: Consumer Protection Forum

In the United States, addressing consumer disputes and ensuring fairness in financial transactions falls under the purview of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plays a pivotal role, particularly in trade disputes. You can file a complaint against FedEx about the problems or disputes related to FedEx purchases, violation of consumer rights, trade disputes, or business.

Are you in the USA? Lodge consumer complaint against FedEx at:

For violations of transport laws by FedEx or issues related to shipping regulations and safety, approach the Department of Transportation (DOT), US.

Level 4: Legal Action

In rare cases where previous levels fail to reach an agreement with FedEx or are not satisfied with the Consumer Forum, you may take legal action. Available legal options and regulatory bodies are:

  1. Arbitration with FedEx, possibly with a third-party arbitrator such as AAA (American Arbitration Association), to resolve business disputes or monetary losses.
  2. Bring a lawsuit to Small Claims Court (Advocate needed)
  3. Approach Federal or Special Courts (Fees may be applicable)

Before taking legal action, document all relevant information meticulously. But before taking any legal action against FedEx, must consult with a legal expert or Advocate to understand the applicable laws and alternatives, if any.


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FedEx Support, US: File a Delivery or Shipping Complaint to FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.