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Telkomsel: How to File a Complaint to Telkomsel?


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Telkomsel is Indonesia’s leading telecommunications company, established on May 26, 1995. It has consistently expanded telecommunications access across the country, boasting over 170 million customers and being recognized as the largest cellular operator in Indonesia. As a digital telco, Telkomsel also offers integrated digital solutions, wireless communications, wallets, financial solutions, and online services.

However, like any major service provider, Telkomsel customers can experience a variety of challenges that impact their experience. Customers may encounter issues such as network problems, billing disputes, or service disruptions.  Some other problems may include:

  • Network Issues: Network congestion, slow internet speeds, and signal outages
  • Communication: Problems related to calling, voice calls, and messaging
  • Payments: Disputes regarding online wallet transactions, rechanges, or financial services of the company
  • Billing Disputes: Unexpected charges, unclear fees, or disagreements over data usage
  • Customer Service Shortcomings: Long wait times for phone support, unresolved technical problems, and a lack of timely solutions from customers.

To address these, Telkomsel has established a customer service framework for customers to voice their concerns and seek solutions. Here’s a breakdown of the escalation levels and the authorities for appealing against the company.

Level 1: File a Complaint to Customer Service, Telkomsel

As per the policy for customer service, Telkomsel has provided an integrated complaint redressal mechanism. You can call the customer care number, email, or lodge an online complaint. The available communication methods are:

  • Call Center (188): Dial 188 from a Telkomsel number (free for Halo and Diamond users, Rp300 for PraBayar users).
  • Telkomsel Complaint Number: Call +628110000333 (free of charge) from overseas (international roaming).
  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: Message on +6281111111111
  • Online Support: File a complaint
  • GraPARI Service Centers: For more complex issues, visit a GraPARI outlet in person. These centres provide direct customer support. Find your nearest GraPARI on the Telkomsel website.
  • MyTelkomsel App: For checking mobile data, buying packages, and more.

You can also contact Telkomsel through official social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In your complaint, must include the nature of the complaint, supporting evidence, and other details related to issues.

Level 2: Formal Communication to Nodal Officer, Telkomsel

If your complaints are not resolved to your expectations within the specified timeframe, escalate the matter to the appointed Nodal Officer by filing a formal complaint. You can write a complaint letter or email it to the Service Head Department of Telkomsel for formal communication. The communication channels are:

  • Email: Send a detailed complaint outlining your issue and previous interactions to
  • Formal Letter: If email communication doesn’t yield results, consider sending a formal written complaint addressed to Telkomsel’s head office or regional official addresses.

In your complaint letter, must provide a previous reference/ticket ID of the previous complaint with reasons for dissatisfaction.

Appellate Authority:

If the Nodal Officer’s response is unsatisfactory, you can appeal to the appellate authority of Telkomsel. The appeal must be filed within three months of the Nodal Officer’s decision.

Level 3: Appeal to Regulatory Authorities

If Telkomsel’s internal channels fail to resolve your issue satisfactorily, consider contacting these regulatory bodies:

  • Badan Regulasi Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI): Indonesia’s telecom regulator oversees the sector and handles consumer disputes.
  • Badan Penyelesaian Sengketa Konsumen (BPSK): This consumer agency provides mediation and arbitration services for unresolved disputes between customers and businesses, including Telkomsel.
  • Ombudsman Republik Indonesia: An independent government body that investigates complaints about public services, which includes the telecommunications sector.

Additionally, the regulatory body for telecom services is the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (BRTI) – KOMINFO, which oversees the sector and handles complaints against Telkomsel.

The Indonesian Competition Commission (KPPU) can address complaints related to unfair competition and business practices by the company in the telecom sector.


Always document your issue thoroughly. Include your Telkomsel account information, dates and times of incidents, and details of previous interactions with the company’s customer service.

For help regarding your complaints with the company, you can use the DooAI Assistant of Complaint Hub. The assistant will help to draft your complaint, escalation letter, and suggest the applicable laws that you can use to resolve the disputed cases with Telkomsel.


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