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Facebook: How to File a Complaint About Facebook


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Facebook is a powerful platform, but it doesn’t always operate perfectly. If you’ve encountered a problem that violates their terms of service, impacts your experience, or simply needs fixing, don’t feel helpless.  There are steps you can take to address the issue. Let’s explore how to get your complaint heard by Facebook.

If you have a complaint against Facebook, there are several options available for you to report and seek assistance. The first option is to visit the Facebook Help Center where you can report various issues concerning abusive content, spam, or other violations.

Reporting To Facebook

1. Reporting Specific Content (Posts, Profiles, Groups, Pages):

  1. Locate the three dots (…) or the ellipsis icon next to the content in question.
  2. Click on “Find support or report…”
  3. Select the category most relevant to your complaint:
    • Harassment or bullying
    • Spam
    • Hate Speech
    • Violence
    • Intellectual property infringement
    • Other (use to describe issues not listed)
  4. Follow the additional prompts provided by Facebook, which may include:
    • Specifying details of the violation
    • Providing screenshots or links for evidence
    • Selecting the action you’d like Facebook to take

2. Report Technical Problems or Account Issues:

  1. Visit the Facebook Help Center:
  2. Search for the issue you’re facing (e.g., “account recovery,” “hacked account,” “incorrect billing”).
  3. If you cannot find a solution in the Help Center, look for options like:
    • “Report a Problem”
    • “Something Isn’t Working”
    • “Give Feedback”
  4. Follow Facebook’s guided instructions, which may involve:
    • Describing the problem in detail
    • Uploading screenshots as evidence
    • Providing your contact information

Grievance Officer in India

For India-specific concerns such as violation of privacy rights, data breaches, or IPR infringement, you can contact the Grievance Officer appointed by Facebook.

  1. Visit the How to contact the Grievance Officer and Facebook in India page for more information.
  2. You can also email the officials at
  3. Additionally, write to Meta Platforms, Inc, Unit 28 and 29, The Executive Centre, Level 18, DLF Cyber City, Building No. 5, Tower A, Phase III, Gurgaon 122002.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have a general customer service phone number or a readily available email address for all complaints.

Important Reminders: If you don’t hear back immediately, try following up. Consider posting about your experience on Facebook’s public pages or on social media to gain visibility and potentially draw a response from their team.

External Protection Authorities

If you are in India:

For the USA:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC): You can file a complaint online or call the available hotline at the FTC consumer portal.
  • Your State’s Attorney General: Find your state’s Attorney General’s website on the National Association of Attorneys. Look for sections on “Consumer Protection” or “File a Complaint”

If you belong to any other country, find your “National Consumer Protection Authority” to register a complaint against Facebook.

In summary, if you need to file a complaint against Facebook, you have multiple options available to you. Choose the one that best matches your issue, and remember to provide specific details to help Facebook address your complaint.

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My phone number is permanently off this number I add my account facebook it's totally off and my email address I have forgotten and my facebook account then not open please help me facebook I'd name is ïqbal janFacebook: How to File a Complaint About Facebook