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EE Hotline: How to Make a Complaint with EE Ltd or Resolve EE Telecom Disputes?


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EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) Ltd is the UK’s largest mobile network operator, providing the most extensive 4G and 5G coverage across the nation. It was formed from a merger between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK. EE is now a subsidiary within the BT Group.

EE isn’t just about mobile services, some other products are:

  • Broadband: Home broadband packages
  • TV: TV service with a wide range of channels, OTT plans,  and on-demand options
  • Devices: Smart home devices and other related products

Like any large telecommunications provider, EE experiences customer complaints. Some of the most frequent areas of dissatisfaction include:

  • Network coverage and speed: Customers may experience poor signal, slow speeds, or a lack of coverage in certain locations, despite EE’s claims of widespread network reach.
  • Billing and contract issues: Disputes over unexpected charges, incorrect billing, or difficulties understanding contract terms.
  • Customer service: Long wait times for phone support, unresolved issues, and a lack of helpfulness from representatives.
  • Price increases: Complaints related to mid-contract price hikes or a perceived lack of value for the cost of services.
  • Technical faults: Issues related to broadband outages, phone malfunctions, or problems with the EE TV service.

If you’re experiencing persistent problems with your EE service, it’s time to take action. As a consumer, you have the right to expect quality service and a fair resolution process. Here, you can follow the steps of lodging a formal complaint with EE, using the available contact details of customer service and what to expect during the process, if not resolved.

This guide provides a structured approach to communicating and resolving issues with EE effectively.

Level 1: File a Complaint to Customer Service, EE

Initially, you should file a complaint about EE services to the customer service representatives through the hotline, customer care number, or online forms.

Before starting:

  • Gather Information: Have your EE account details handy, along with any specific bills, dates, times, or reference numbers related to your issue.
  • Your Complaint: Clearly outline what the problem is – billing error, slow internet speeds, poor network coverage, etc.
  • Desired Outcome: Consider what you consider a fair resolution – refund, service restoration, contract adjustment, etc.

Try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with a frontline customer service representative. Follow these steps for lodging complaints with EE.

Step 1: Choose Your Contact Method

Customer Support:

  • EE Customer Service Number: The quickest method. Dial 150 if you’re on an EE mobile or +447953966150 from any other phone.
  • International Hotline: Call from abroad at +447953966150 or +447953966250 (Business)
  • Online Form: Visit EE’s complaints page: “Make a complaint” and fill out the form.
  • Live Chat: Communicate with executives online through the EE website or mobile app, this can be a convenient way to start the process.

EE Business Support:

For any business or technical problems, make a complaint online or dial hotline 158 to the EE Business Department.

Step 2: Explain Your Issue

Provide all relevant information regarding the problems related to telecom services.

  • Be clear and concise: Avoid long rants; focus on the core problem and supporting details.
  • Provide evidence: Mention relevant bills, screenshots, call logs, etc.
  • Remain courteous: Even if frustrated, being polite increases your chances of a successful resolution.

Step 3: Request a Resolution

  • Resolution: Clearly outline what you believe would be a fair solution from EE.
  • Ask for a timeframe: Inquire how long you can expect to wait for EE to investigate and provide a response.

If you are not satisfied with the final response, request the representatives to escalate the matter to the senior executives or higher authorities.

Level 2: Escalation to a Senior Representative

How to communicate:

  • During your initial call: Request to speak to a supervisor or escalate your complaint to the complaints team.
  • In writing: If using the online form or sending a letter, clearly state your dissatisfaction and desire to have the issue escalated. You can visit the nearest store or regional office of EE.
  • Address: Write at EE Mobile & Broadband, EE Customer Services, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN, United Kingdom.

Address the issue with a senior representative with greater authority to provide solutions or compromises.

Reiterate the problem, explain previous attempts at resolution with ticket/reference ID, and be clear about the outcome you desire.

Level 3: Raise a Dispute to Communications Ombudsman

If your lodged complaints with EE are not resolved to your expectations, you can appeal to the Communication Ombudsman to resolve a dispute. Follow the steps to raise a dispute:

  • File a complaint: Visit for their process and contact methods (online form, phone, post).
  • Eligibility: You can typically only engage the Ombudsman if you’ve exhausted EE’s internal complaints process or after 8 weeks have passed with an unresolved issue.

To reach an independent, impartial resolution to your complaint. The Ombudsman has the power to recommend binding solutions to EE. For help, you may email to

Clearly explain your issue, the steps you’ve already taken with EE, and your desired outcome. The Ombudsman will independently review your case and communicate with EE. They aim to facilitate a fair resolution. Finally, the Ombudsman can recommend actions EE should take – such as issuing an apology, providing a financial award, or fixing the problem with your service. These decisions are often binding on EE.

Level 4: Make a Complaint to Ofcom (The Regulator)

Ofcom (Office of Communications) is the independent regulator for all communications services in the UK. Here’s how you can make a complaint against EE with Ofcom.

Ofcom doesn’t typically handle individual consumer complaints. They primarily focus on larger, systemic issues within the industry. You should first exhaust the internal complaints process with EE and attempt to resolve the matter directly with the company or through the Communications Ombudsman. If you believe EE is consistently violating regulations, or if your complaint illustrates a broader problem with their practices, you can report this to Ofcom.

How to contact Ofcom:

Ofcom may not intervene in individual complaints but uses information to monitor wider industry trends. Make Ofcom aware of systemic issues with EE or instances where they potentially are violating regulations.


EE aims to resolve complaints within an appropriate timeframe, but this can vary. Check their terms and conditions for guidelines. If your complaint is legitimate, don’t hesitate to escalate through the levels. Finally, keep thorough records of communication at every stage.


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