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Right out the gate, your phone customer service recordings and stone-walling to talk to a live operator are infuriating (as you designed) as there is NO substitute for a human being to solve customer service issues. That being said, I rarely receive an “Overnight Red Label” package from out of state EVER the next day! I’m in the aviation business, parts are our lifeblood to keep aircraft in the air and profitable – you have failed each time, but you get paid regardless. I am not a UPS account holder, but clients I buy product from are and the shipping fee is included in my final price. It is not cost effective to ask a client to submit a claim for missed service and go through all the red tape and ask them (the client) to credit me back. Your system is anti-customer service resolution oriented. Cutting corners while paying a premium in services won’t get my business. Take a note from FedEx.

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