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Noor ADSL poor internet and customer services


Dear NTRA agents,

I am lodging this complaint regarding the unsatisfactory service provided by Noor ADSL. Their internet connectivity is consistently poor, frequently resulting in abrupt disconnections. After enduring five days without internet, I was informed that there was a global issue. Prior notice via SMS was not provided.

Furthermore, Noor experiences monthly outages lasting from 5 to 13 days. Currently, I am being asked to wait an additional 4 days due to maintenance. I am extremely frustrated with their service, particularly with the evasion of customer service agents in providing a ticket number and the slow response to emails.

Furthermore, their escalation process lacks substance; instead, they consistently respond with scripted apologies. To address further inquiries, I’m required to either phone them or visit a branch. Despite repeated calls, the responses remain unchanged, reflecting a sense of indifference.

Landline: 03-42XXXX (Global Issue: 79XXXX)
Would you be able to assist in enhancing their internet and customer services, and encouraging proactive communication through advance SMS notifications for their recurrent global issues?


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