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LECO Hotline: File an Electricity Complaint of Lanka Electricity Company


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The Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) is a state-owned electricity distribution enterprise in Sri Lanka, established in 1983 under the Companies Act. LECO provides various services including power supply, grid maintenance, e-Electricity billing, SMS billing, energy consumption calculation, and power interruption notices. Additionally, LECO is one of two on-grid electricity companies in Sri Lanka, the other being the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).

Regional Offices of LECO are:

  • Kotte
  • Nugegoda
  • Kelaniya
  • Moratuwa
  • Galle
  • Kalutara
  • Negombo

Have complaints about LECO? If so, customers can file their complaints to the Electricity Board through the available hotlines, email, and online form.

The common issues that customers of Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) can report are:

  • Electricity Bills: Concerns regarding the calculation of electricity consumption and the accuracy of billing..
  • Electricity Tariff: Confusion or disputes over the tariff category to which a customer belongs.
  • Electricity Meter: Issues related to the functioning and reading of electricity meters.
  • Power Lines: Complaints about power lines going over customers’ land.
  • Power Fluctuations: Damage to electrical equipment due to power fluctuations.
  • No Supply: Frequent power cuts without notice.

Additionally, there have been concerns raised by consumers regarding the implementation of a program to issue electricity bills through text messages instead of printed bills. This change was set to take effect from August 1, 2023, and may have led to customer dissatisfaction or confusion.

You should know that the board is dedicated to addressing these issues and maintaining a reliable electricity supply. Here’s how customers can resolve these issues by suing LECO.

How to Register an Electricity Complaint to LECO?

According to applicable laws and regulations of PUCSL and defined grievance redressal mechanism of the company, Initially you should file your complaint directly with LECO through the available hotline, customer care number, online forms, email, or phone calls.

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can use the grievance redressal mechanism. This usually involves escalating the issue within LECO, providing them with a chance to address the complaint internally.

If LECO does not resolve your complaint, you can escalate it to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), which is the regulatory authority for electricity in Sri Lanka. As a last resort, if the grievance redressal mechanism does not provide a satisfactory resolution, you may consider taking legal action according to the laws of Sri Lanka.

Remember to document all communications and keep evidence of your attempts to resolve the issue at each stage. This will be helpful if you need to escalate your complaint further.

Process of filing complaints with contact details of LECO and respective regulatory authorities are provided below.

Level 1: File a Complaint to Customer Service of Lanka Electricity Company

To register an electricity complaint to Lanka Electricity Company (LECO), you can use these contact details and follow these steps:

For submitting a written complaint, visit your nearest LECO customer service center. The appointed head of the power station will help you to resolve the problem.

What should you include in your complaint?

  • Your full name and address
  • Your LECO account number
  • A detailed description of the problem you’re facing (power outage, billing issue, voltage fluctuation, etc.)
  • The date and time the problem started
  • Any steps you’ve already taken to try and resolve the issue.
  • Supporting documents like copies of bills, photos of meters, etc.

If you are not satisfied with the response from customer service or local power station officials, you can escalate your complaint to the LECO Branch Office (Division) of your region.

If still not resolved, you can also write to the Head Office using these contact details:

Customer Service Center

These are contact details including the phone number of regional customer service centers of LECO.

1. Kotte Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Pitakotte Hotline: 2862456
Address: LECO, 363, Nawala Rd, Rajagiriya
Kolonnawa Hotline: 2572052
Address: LECO, 184, Vihara Mawatha, Kolonnawa
Kotikawatta Hotline: 0112411163
Address: LECO, 120/A, IDH Road, Gothatuwa

2. Nugegoda Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Boralesgamuwa Hotline: 2518919 / 2509454
Address: LECO, 61, Maharagama Road, Boralesgamuwa
Nugegoda Hotline: 2852866
Address: LECO, 115 Subhadrarama Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda
Maharagama Hotline: 2844958
Address: LECO, 48/7, Neelammahara Road, Godigamuwa, Maharagama

3. Kelaniya Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Dalugama Hotline: 2916898
Address: LECO, No 17, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kalaniya
Mahara Hotline: 2925123
Address: LECO, 340, Dalupitiya Road, Mahara, Kadawatha
Kandana Hotline: 0112-236111
Address: LECO, No.30, Circular Road, Kandana
Wattala Hotline: 2931890
Address: LECO, No: 542/20 , Negombo Rd, Wattala

4. Moratuwa Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Moratuwa North Hotline: 2655580
Address: LECO, 96, Bandaranayaka Mawatha, Katubedda, Moratuwa
Moratuwa South Hotline: 2647094
Address: LECO, No 24, Charles Place, Rawathawatte
Keselwatta Hotline: 038-2234156
Address: LECO, 12, Hendric Peiris Mw, Pallimulla, Keselwaththa, Panadura
Panadura Hotline: 038-2233002
Address: LECO, 731/1, Galle Road, Nalluruwa, Panadura
Koralawella (Break Down center) Hotline: 2657330
Address: LECO, No. 111, Modera road, Egodauyana, Moratuwa

5. Galle Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Ambalangoda Hotline: 091-2258517
Address: LECO, No. 48, Maha Ambalangoda Road, Ambalangoda
Hikkaduwa Hotline: 091-2277220
Address: LECO, 48/9, Baddegama Road, Hikkaduwa
Galle Hotline: 091-2234261
Address: LECO, 02, Wekunagoda Road, Galle

6. Kalutara Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Payagala Hotline: 034-2226875
Address: LECO, 196, Galle Road, Payagala
Kalutara Hotline: 034-2238861
Address: LECO, 32/1, Galle Road, Mahawaskaduwa, Waskaduwa
Aluthgama Hotline: 034-2275273
Address: LECO, 126, Kaluwamodara, Galle Road, Aluthgama

7. Negombo Branch

Customer Service Center, LECO Contact Details
Negombo Hotline: 031-2222914
Address: LECO, No.195A, Thaladuwa Road, Negombo
Seeduwa Hotline: 2253429
Address: LECO, 63, Kotugoda Road, Seeduwa
Ja-Ela Hotline: 0112-237291
Address: LECO, 250, Weligampitiya, JaEla

Still, not resolved? Escalate your complaint to Divisional Offices (Branch).

Level 2: Escalate to Divisional Branch Office, LECO

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution provided by the customer service center or local power stations within a reasonable timeframe, you can escalate your complaint to the higher authorities at the Divisional branch Offices of the LECO. Contact details for senior officials is available on the LECO website.

You can call the hotline provided below to get help from the divisional office.

Divisional Office, LECO Phone Number and Address
Kotte Hotline: 2877405 / 2877406
Address: LECO, No. 475/6/-B, Lake Crescent, Cotta Road, Rajagiriya
Nugegoda Hotline: 2856380 / 2810140
Address: LECO, No.204, High Level Road, Nugegoda
Kelaniya Hotline: 2917746 / 2910129
Address: LECO, 262, Kandy Road, Dalugama, Kelaniya
Moratuwa Hotline: 2647003 / 2647862
Address: LECO, 21, M.J.C. Fernando Mawatha, Idama, Moratuwa
Galle Hotline: 091-2232216 / 091-2232108
Address: LECO, 182, Richmond Hill Road, Galle
Kalutara Hotline: 034-2221873 / 034-2222930
Address: LECO, 14/1, Gnanodaya Mawatha, Kalutara South
Negombo Hotline: 031-2233322 / 031-2222349
Address: LECO, 03, Taladuwa Road, Negombo

Level 3: Appeal to Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL)

If your issue remains unresolved by the service providers of LECO and its head office, you have the option to escalate it to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL).. You can lodge your complaint with PUCSL through various channels including online, via telephone, fax, email, or by sending a postal mail. Additionally, you can visit the PUCSL offices in person to submit your complaint.

When submitting your complaint, ensure to include a detailed account of the issue, any evidence you have previously submitted to LECO, and the response or resolution provided by them, if applicable. Remember to also provide your contact information and your preferred method of communication, if necessary.

LECO’s main office is located in Colombo, with a regional office in Jaffna. Below are the contact details for the LECO offices.

PUCSL Head Office, Colombo:

Designation Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanks
Phone Number +94112392607+94112392608+94115533341
Fax +94112392641
Address Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, 6th Floor, BOC Merchant Tower, St. Michael’s Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

Regional Office, Jaffna:

  • Phone Number+94212222333
  • Address: Regional Office, Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, No. 2/1, 2nd Floor, KKS Road, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

For more information about consumer disputes, read the procedure for filing a consumer complaint with PUCSL at its official website.

In the event that your complaint remains unresolved by the PUCSL within a reasonable timeframe, you may escalate the matter to a higher authority, specifically the LECO.  A formal complaint may be submitted in writing to the Minister of Power and Energy, who serves as the governing official responsible for the electricity sector in Sri Lanka. The official website of the Ministry of Power and Energy provides the necessary contact information and address details for submitting such complaints.

Other Regulatory Bodies

In addition to the Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) and the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), several other organizations and regulatory bodies are involved in the electricity sector of Sri Lanka. Among these are:

  • The LECO Engineers’ Union (LEEU) serves as the trade union for engineers employed by LECO. It advocates on behalf of its members, representing the engineers’ interests and perspectives on various electricity sector-related issues.
  • The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) acts as the statutory consumer protection agency, safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers across Sri Lanka. It implements the Consumer Affairs Authority Act No. 9 of 2003, overseeing trade practices and the standards of goods and services within the country.

These entities and regulatory bodies may play a role or exert influence within the electricity sector, contingent upon the nature and extent of your complaint. If you require further information or assistance, reaching out to them might be beneficial.


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