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Verizon customer service


So I placed an order on the 12th of April to upgrade my phone, I did it through the My Verizon App which I have done many times over the years. When I realized I still hadn’t received a email for my delivery confirmation I went back to check on things. That’s when I realized they weren’t shipping my phone out until the 14th and then it was still going to be about five days after that before I would get my phone. So I got back in touch them and ask if I was able to pay for a faster delivery the rep said that because it was a processed order already the shipping couldn’t be changed. Not sure why really cause it was only a couple hours later and it wasn’t being shipped out until the 14th anyways. So I told the rep to just cancel my order then and I would just go down to the Verizon store. So over the weekend I was busy and didn’t make it down there, then Monday I check and see that they charged me and shipped out the phone but when you look at the tracking number info it shows that it is already being sent back to the sender. So now I go down to the store to see if there is anything they can do to help there isn’t, she calls up Verizon and the girl we spoke with made some notes apologized for what was happening and put me down for a call back in 24 hours to give me a update. I never received that call back so I call them back on Thursday speak with another girl that see’s all the notes from the first girl and she can also see that the phone has been delivered to there dock. She informs me that once they scan it in it should fix everything with my account and refund my money back to me. She sets me up for a call back for the next day to give me a status update never receive a call. So now it’s Saturday over a week since my original order and nothing has changed still shows the phone at the dock my account is still locked and I can’t get a phone from the Verizon store and they still have my money. So I call once again and this girl tells me that there is nothing anyone can do until the phone is checked back in to there system, now the phone is at there dock it been there since Thursday and no one has checked it in and she tells me it could be 5-7 more days before it happens because they might be backed up and that no one has the means to contact anyone there about it, we just have to wait until they do it. This is the most BS I have ever heard of, they have there phone which should of never been shipped out in the first place because order was cancelled same day and they didn’t ship it on the 14th like it said it would it got shipped on the 15th. And on the 15th they charged my account which again they shouldn’t have because the order was cancelled on the 12th. And my account has been locked from doing anything to it since the 12th because of this order. Thanks for listening

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