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PGVCL: How to Register an Electricity Complaint to Paschim Gujarat VIJ Company Ltd?


Paschim Gujarat VIJ Company Ltd (PGVCL) is a public sector company, a part of Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL), that is operated by the Electricity Board of Gujarat Government. This electricity distribution company (Discom) serves in the western part of Gujarat, which comprises the districts of Rajkot, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar, Morbi, Kachchh, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gir Somnath, and Botad.

These districts have a total population of about 2.6 crores and a total area of about 54,000 sq km⁴ (As of January 2024). PGVCL provides power supply in various categories, such as agriculture, industry, commercial, domestic, etc.

Have complaints about the PGVCL? You can call the toll-free helpline number, send an email, or file an online complaint to PGVCL Officials. Report any issues related to power supply, electricity bills, or other services. Alternatively, visit the nearest PGVCL sub-division to submit a written complaint to the Deputy Engineer (DE) of the Electricity Board (EB).

PGVCL has 11 circles, 49 divisions, and 233 sub-divisions under its jurisdiction. The circles are:

  • Amreli
  • Anjar
  • Bhavnagar
  • Bhuj
  • Botad
  • Jamnagar
  • Junagarh
  • Morbi
  • Porbandar
  • Rajkot
  • Rajkot Rural
  • Surendranagar

You can complain about online bill payments, online applications for new connections, power supply cuts, online electricity services, billing disputes, etc. Also, report any issues related to schemes such as Surya Gujarat for solar rooftop installation, Urja Mitra for power outage information, and Ujala for LED bulb distribution.

Yet not resolved? Escalate the complaint to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of PGVCL. Further, you may appeal to the Electricity Ombudsman of Gujarat.

Note: In case of consumer rights violation, file a consumer complaint against PGVCL with the National Consumer Helpline (NCH), a consumer protection authority, or the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).

Level 1: Customer Care, PGVCL

Per the citizen charter, the complaint resolution process is divided into three tiers. At the first level, complain to PGVCL customer care or officials through the electricity helplines, contact numbers, or emails. You may also file an electricity complaint online.

When submitting your issue to the customer service representative, make sure to include the following details:

  • PGVCL Account Number
  • Location of the Issue
  • Pole Number (if known)
  • Nature of the problem, such as a power outage, billing discrepancy, or any other concern.
  • Supporting Document (if any); for example, attach a copy of bills, a photo of a faulty meter or a billing statement requiring clarification.

Don’t forget to note down the reference number of the lodged complaint to track the status and escalate to the CGRF Forum.

PGVCL Electricity Helpline Number

Click the below customer care numbers to call or register your electricity complaint to PGVCL.

1. Customer Care Number:

PGVCL Helpline Number
PGVCL Electricity Complaint Number 19122
Customer Care Number 1800233155333
WhatsApp +919512019122
Email (Online Payment)
Contact local officials (Sub-Division) Click Here

Not resolved by PGVCL customer support or officials? Escalate the complaint to the CGRF Forum of PGVCL at level 2.

2. Call the Local Complaint Center (Circle/Sub-Division):

Circle, PGVCL Contact Number
Amreli Click Here (
Anjar Click Here (  
Bhavnagar Click Here ( 
Bhuj Click Here (
Botad Click Here ( 
Jamnagar Click Here ( 
Junagadh Click Here ( 
Morbi Click Here ( 
Porbandar Click Here ( 
Rajkot City Click Here ( 
Rajkot Rural Click Here ( 
Surendranagar Click Here ( 

Need more contact details? Click to contact the Circle, Divisional, and Sub-Divisional Office of PGVCL.

Online Electricity Complaint

Customers can easily file online complaints regarding electricity supply interruptions, power outages, and billing discrepancies with PGVCL. Use various channels such as social media, emails, and written letters to represent your concerns to the Electricity Board (EB) or Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited (PGVCL).

Links to register your online complaint or access PGVCL’s online services.

PGVCL Discom Online Support
PGVCL Customer Support Click Here (
Complain online to PGVCL Register/Login (GUVNL)
Report Power Theft Click to Report
Track Power Outage (Urjamitra) Click to Track
Online bill payment Quick Pay
Solar Rooftop Panel Click to Apply
Apply for New Connection Apply Now
Mobile App PGVCL
Android | iOS

If your submitted complaints are not resolved, you may also complain to the Divisional Officer (Executive Engineer).

Level 2: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), PGVCL

The Customer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) is constituted by the PGVCL under Section 42(5) of The Electricity Act, 2003, and the (Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum and Ombudsman) Regulations, 2011. As an independent body, CGRF addresses consumer disputes and concerns related to electricity distribution services. If your electricity complaints remain unresolved by PGVCL officials or customer care, you can escalate the complaint to the CGRF Forum.

Required Details:

When filing complaints with CGRF, the complainant should provide the following details:

  1. DownloadGrievance Forum (English)
  2. Name and Address of the Complainant
  3. Distribution Licensee: PGVCL
  4. Reference/Acknowledgment Number of Previous Complaints
  5. Service Connection or Account Number
  6. Date and Time of Grievance
  7. Nature and Details of Complaint
  8. Relevant Documents: Attach copies of bills, receipts, or pertinent correspondence.
  9. Relief Sought from the Forum
  10. Declaration: With signature, confirm that the same grievance has not been filed elsewhere.

A grievance application can be submitted in writing on plain paper or by using the prescribed format available for download.

Don’t forget to receive acknowledgement immediately for in-person complaints; within two working days for those submitted through post/email/fax/contact center.

Please noteThe complaint will be resolved by the PGVCL CGRF Forum within a maximum limit of 45 days from the date of grievance receipt.

Contact CGRF

Contact details of the respective PGVCL CGRF offices to submit your electricity grievance are provided below.

1. Rajkot Forum

Jurisdiction: Rajkot City, Rajkot Rural and Morbi

Designation CGRF Office, PGVCL (Rajkot)
Phone Number +912812380425, +912812380427
Fax 02812380428
Address Convener, Consumer’s Grievance Redressal Forum (Rajkot), Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Paschim Gujarat Vij Seva Sadan, Registered & Corporate Office, Off. Nana Mava Road, Laxminagar, Rajkot – 360004.

2. Bhuj Forum

Jurisdiction: Bhuj and Anjar

Designation CGRF Office, PGVCL (Bhuj)
Phone Number +912832258052, +912832255377
Fax 02832225048
Address Convener, Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Circle Office, Power House Compound, Hospital Road, Bhuj – Kutch- 370001.

3. Bhavnagar Forum

Jurisdiction: Bhavnagar, Surendranagar, Amreli and Botad

Designation CGRF Office, PGVCL (Bhavnagar)
Phone Number +912782521760, +912782521761
Fax 02782521763
Address Convener, Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Zonal Office, Old Power House Compound, Chavadi Gate, Bhavnagar- 364002.

4. Junagadh Forum

Jurisdiction: Junagadh, Porbandar and Jamnagar

Designation CGRF Office, PGVCL (Junagadh)
Phone Number +912852622167, +912852657877
Fax 02852657695
Address Convener, Consumer’s Grievance Redressal Forum, Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Circle Office, Azad Chowk, M.G. Road, Junagadh – 362001.

Have your complaints not been resolved to your satisfaction? File an appeal against PGVCL to the Electricity Ombudsman, Gujarat.

Level 3: Electricity Ombudsman, Gujarat

The Electricity Ombudsman Office, established by the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) and regulated under the GERC (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Electricity Ombudsman) Regulation and the Electricity Act, 2015, functions as a quasi-judicial body. Consumers who are dissatisfied with the final order or have unresolved complaints from PGVCL’s Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) within 45 days, can file a complaint to the Electricity Ombudsman.

To appeal, you must submit your representation within 30 days from the date of the PGVCL Forum’s order. Use the link provided below to file your appeal:

Important Note: No charges apply for submitting your petition or grievance application. PGVCL falls under the jurisdiction of the Electricity Ombudsman (Rajkot) Office.

Still, not satisfied with the final order? You have the option to further appeal before the respective regulatory authority or take legal action by approaching the Gujarat High Court.

Types of Complaints

Resolve these issues related to PGVCL Discom:

  1. Frequent Outages: Recurring power outages, voltage fluctuations, and load shedding disrupt daily life and operations for customers in western Gujarat.
  2. Billing Concerns: Inconsistent billing, overcharges, and undercharges by the PGVCL.
  3. Infrastructure: Old rural infrastructure, inadequate industrial support, and slow grid upgrades cause power supply interruptions and affect economic activities.
  4. Customer Service: The behaviour of customer service or not resolving complaints within the timeframe, or ignorance by the officers for issues related to residents, industries, and businesses.
  5. Power Quality and Theft: Low power supply, transformer failures, and illicit electricity theft.
  6. Industrial: Inadequate voltage regulation affecting operational efficiency, impacting the reliability of industrial operations in the area.
  7. Metering System: Outdated metering systems (prepaid/postpaid) causing billing inaccuracies, hindering the implementation of modern energy management practices in western Gujarat.
  8. Consumer Disputes: Report low quality or violation of consumer rights by the PGVCL (Discom).
  9. Political Influence on Operations: Affecting efficient power distribution, impacting service delivery and decision-making processes in western Gujarat.


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