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Dialog home broadband does not work over a month


Hi, I had a normal Dialog home broadband router. It doesn’t always work, and the Dialog Nikeweratiya branch suggested that I try erecting an antenna and use that service. They came and installed the antenna and issued a new router. However, it still doesn’t work. I purchased two separate packages, both registered to the router number, but there’s still no internet connection. I’ve called three times. The first time, they promised that the technical team would come within 24 hours, but they didn’t. So, I called again, and they assured me of the same thing, yet nobody came. On the third occasion, I went to the Nikeweratiya branch, where they said a complaint was lodged and that somebody would come. Then, I called a third time on the 26th of April. Shazna took the call and assured me that a supervisor would call, but no supervisor called. Is there any way your company can provide meaningful customer service and sort this out, please?

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