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Samsung Care, USA: File a Product/Service Complaint to Samsung Electronics America, Inc.


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Customer Service

Howdy! Welcome to Samsung Electronics Customer helps in the USA, dedicated to resolving any hiccups with your Samsung devices and services. At Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the specialized support team, is ready to assist with your smartphones, tablets, home appliances, and cutting-edge gadgets. Address all your queries, business disputes, technical concerns, and software-related issues with the utmost professionalism and precision.

Products and assistance you can expect for:

  • Mobile & Accessories
  • TV
  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • PC, Laptop & Office
  • App & Services
  • Business Deals

Experience a seamless support journey tailored for American users with Samsung’s Customer Care Service. Reach out through various channels, including the toll-free customer care number, WhatsApp, email (with a response within 24 hours), and live chat. Whether you need assistance or want to complain online about any technical or other Samsung Electronics device problems you might encounter.

Level 1: Customer Support, Samsung USA

Time: 24×7

Samsung, US Customer Care Service
Hotline 18007267864 toll-free)
Customer Care Number 1-800-SAMSUNG
WhatsApp Message: 18007267864
Email Click Here (
Live Chat Available (Connect)
Online Support Website: Contact Samsung, USA

Samsung Business: For product support, call at 18667264249; and for disputes related to orders, dial the business hotline at 8883122070.

Samsung Care+ for Business: Call at the hotline number 8339651615 or email to support team at for a claim or help.

Level 2: CEO, Samsung USA

Designation Chief Executive Officer, Samsung US
Email (CEO) Email to CEO
Service Centre Contact Authorized Service Center

Dissatisfied with the final resolution or services provided by Samsung in the USA? You can complain to the Consumer Protection Division or a relevant consumer affairs agency in your state.

Level 3: Consumer Protection Forum

In the United States, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) serves as the ultimate authority for consumer protection. This bureau is dedicated to addressing disputes and ensuring fairness in financial transactions. If you encounter issues or disputes regarding purchases with Samsung in the USA, consider filing a formal consumer complaint with the CFPB to seek resolution.

Live in the USA? You can lodge a consumer complaint against Samsung US to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Level 4: Take Legal Action

If still not resolved to your satisfaction by Samsung, you may take legal action against the company. For this, you may choose any of these available legal remedies:

  • Send a Notice of Dispute (for internal resolution)
  • Start an Arbitration
  • Bring lawsuit before Small Claims Court
  • Approach Federal Courts

Initially, consumers may prefer to send a notice of dispute to the legal department of Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to negotiate the dispute internally.

If not reached on an agreement, with the help of 3rd party arbitrator such as AAA, start an arbitration with the company (if involves a business dispute or larger monetary loss) to resolve the dispute.

Finally, with the help of a lawyer, you may take formal legal action by bringing a lawsuit before the Small Claims Court. Further, you may approach the Federal or Special Courts.


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