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American Airlines (AA): How to File a Complaint Related to Flights of American Airlines?


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American Airlines is one of the largest US-based airlines managed by American Airlines Group and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. American (AA) operates in international and domestic networks within nearly 350 destinations in more than 60 countries. The services of the airlines include flights, cargo, and air travel.

It also offers car rental and hotel services through partnerships with rental car companies and hotel chains. The wholly owned subsidiaries of American Airlines Group (AA), are:

  • Envoy Air Inc.
  • Piedmont Airlines Inc.
  • PSA Airlines Inc.

Want to complain about American Airlines? You can raise your concerns to AA. First, contact the American Airlines customer service team.

American Airlines has an integrated customer service to resolve issues related to flight booking, reservation, cancellation, or other disputes like insurance, lost luggage/baggage, refund/claims, etc. Do you want to resolve it? Surely! Follow the process and provisions to redress the airline’s concerns.

The stages to file a complaint:

Stage 1: Register a flight or airline complaint with American Airlines customer care service by e-mail, helpline number, or report by an online complaint form.

  • Submit your concerns related to flight reservations, tickets, or baggage by dialing the American Airlines customer care number.
  • File a complaint online about delayed/canceled tickets, flights, or issues at the airport.
  • Resolve disputes of air travel or file a claim for lost items, luggage, or travel insurance.

Dissatisfied with the final resolution or complaints are not resolved by American Airlines? Approach the respective civil aviation regulatory authority in stage 2.

Stage 2: File an air/flight complaint against American Airlines to the civil aviation regulatory body/authority of your country, if you are dissatisfied or have an unresolved/pending dispute with the airline. For example:

  • United States (USA) – Office of Aviation Consumer Protection (OACP) of the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • India – AirSewa Nodal Officer, Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA).
  • European Union (EU) – European Consumer Center (ECC) Network.

Stage 3: You may initiate internal or formal arbitration with the Airline and further take legal action against American Airlines. Before this, you should take advice from experts in this field and then proceed to take action based on your legal awareness.

Complaint Resolution Time and Fee of American Airlines:

Registration Fee No charges (0)
Resolution Period 30 days (depending on the civil aviation guidelines & rules of the country)
Claim Filing Period Within 30 days (To know more, read the claim checklist of the airline)

Let us know the official helpline numbers and contact details of American Airlines to resolve issues and escalate the disputed consumer complaints related to flight services.

File a complaint online

The faster and more transparent way to raise a problem related to flights and other services is to file a complaint online to American Airlines. Have any issues related to delayed/canceled flights, in-flight/on-flight, travel credit, or other services of the American? Report online by using the details mentioned below.

Modes to file a complaint with American Airlines
Modes to file a complaint with American Airlines customer service (source –

Provide the following details:

  • Contact information
  • Flight information with flight number, ticket number, date, and baggage file number (optional)
  • Description of the complaint with supporting facts

After the successful submission of your online complaint form, note down the reference/ acknowledgment number to track the case. If not resolved or dissatisfied with the final response, request to escalate the case with the head of the customer service of the airline.

Details to lodge a complaint online with American Airlines and also to file a claim:

American Airline Customer Care Lodge a complaint
American Airlines complaint online support File a complaint
American Airline Baggage lost/damage claim File a claim
Refund of the AA flight ticket form Request to refund
American online customer service Click here

For receipts and refunds, you can also fax or send a letter by mail at:

Address: Attention: Passenger Refunds,
American Airlines, 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85034.
Fax: 8008923447 (U.S.), 4806932759 (International)

Must include the following details in the refund letter/fax:

  • Passenger names
  • Email or U.S. mail address
  • Reason for request
  • Receipts
  • Ticket numbers
  • Date of travel
  • Departure and arrival cities

Alternative Ways:

Twitter @AmericanAir
Facebook @AmericanAirlines
Mobile App Android | iOS

Note Has your complaint been not resolved within 30 days? Not satisfied with the final redressal? File a complaint with the concerned Nodal Officer of the civil aviation regulatory authority/body of the country.

American Airlines Customer Care Number

Interested to complain through the helpline number? You can register a complaint to the dedicated customer service team of American Airlines for reservation, booking, cancellation, and ticket changes of the flight.

The support services are available 24×7, call the customer care number to submit your concerns or e-mail with the required basic details like:

  • Ticket number or booking id with flight number (if required)
  • Communication details like name, address (if asked)
  • Description of the issue with relevant facts.

Customer Helpline Number of American Airlines to Lodge a Complaint:

USA and Canada

American Airlines customer care number for flight reservations (booking) and ticket changes or cancellations within the United States and Canada:

Language (US/CA) American Airlines complaint number
English +18004337300
Spanish +18006333711
French +18007568613
Portuguese +18668248717
Japanese +18002370027
Mandarin Chinese +18004928095

Helpline Number: Award Travel, Cars, and Hotels

Call the helpline numbers of AA for AAdvantage customer service, award travel, cars, and hotel support:

American Airlines Customer care number
AAdvantage/Award travel complaint number +18008828880 (US & Canada)
Car complaint support +18002458569 (Budget & Payless) technical support helpline number +18002222377
American Airline Car/hotel customer care Click Here

Contact American Airline Vacations

Have any queries or issues with vacation packages or booked services through American Airlines Vacation? Call the customer care number or contact the respective service team.

Country American Airline Helpline number
U.S. and Canada +18003212121
Outside (International) +18177864304

Call the 24-hour helpline number for assistance in Emergencies while traveling:

Country American Airline Helpline number
U.S./ Canada/ Caribbean +18009019150
Mexico +18778092766, +18008913818
Other countries +18177863031

Need more information? Visit the American Airlines Vacations page and know the applicable charges and available other assistance.

International Flight Customer Care Number, American Airlines (Worldwide)

Call the American Airlines customer care number of your country to resolve issues related to flight booking, tickets, reservation, cancellation, or other flight problems. Also, lodge a complaint with the customer service team.

1. Africa:

Country American Airlines complaint number
Morocco +212520001375
South Africa +27118446067

2. Asia/South Pacific

Country American Airlines complaint number
Australia +61291011948
China +864008187333
Hong Kong +85230579197
India +911246014200, +911244176700
Indonesia +6563498444
Japan +81343337675
Malaysia +60320535120
New Zealand +6493084014
Philippines +63285248625
Singapore +6563498444
South Korea +82264389008
Sri Lanka +94720987370
Taiwan +886225631200
Thailand +6626341031, +6626341032
Vietnam +842439330330 (Hanoi), +842839330330 (Ho Chi Minh City)

3. Caribbean and Bermuda

Country American Airlines complaint number
Anguilla/Antigua 8007440006
Aruba 2975822700
Bahamas 8004337300
Barbados 8007440006, 2464284170
Bermuda 8007440006
Bonaire 2975822700
Cuba 080022737
Curacao 59998695707
Dominica 8007440006
Dominican Republic 18092005151, 8095425151 (Santo Domingo)
Grand Cayman 8007440006
Grenada 8007440006
Guadeloupe 0821980008 (En), 0821980008 (Fr)
Haiti 50929966000
Jamaica 8007440006
Puerto Rico 8009814757
St. Kitts 8007440006, 8694652273
St. Lucia 8007440006
St. Maarten 17215452040
St. Vincent 8007440006
Trinidad 8688216000
Turks and Caicos 8007440006

4. Europe

Country American Airlines complaint number
Austria +4313602773960
Belgium +3270300300
Croatia +38520898045
Czech Republic +420225376447
Denmark +4582332895
Finland +358981710443
France +33821980999
Germany +496958996485
Greece +302111813884
Hungary +3614292346
Iceland +3548004185
Ireland +353818710299
Italy +39238591485
Netherlands +319000401666
Norway +4781562022
Poland +48225844292
Portugal +351808200958
Spain +34912158999
Sweden +46771200666
Switzerland +41848289289
Turkey +442076602300
United Kingdom +442076602300, +448443699899

5. Mexico, Central, and South America

Country American Airlines complaint number
Argentina +541143181111 (Buenos Aires), 080044484253 (toll-free)
Belize +5012232522
Bolivia 800100541
Brazil +551130045000
Chile +56229381417
Colombia +576015085968 (Bogota), 018009171045 (Outside)
Costa Rica +50640201217
Ecuador +59345010077 (Guayaquil), +59325004080 (Quito)
El Salvador +50322980777
Guatemala +50222787000
Guyana +5922311027
Honduras 80027919363
Mexico +525552091400 (Mexico City), 8009046000 (toll-free)
Nicaragua +50578777920
Panama +5072696022
Paraguay +59598005420003
Peru +5112117000 (Lima), 080040350 (toll-free)
Suriname +597520540
Uruguay +59840190834
Venezuela +582127201185, 08001362334 (toll-free)

6. Middle East

Country American Airlines complaint number
Bahrain +96522022806
Israel +97237219497
Kuwait +96522022806
Oman +96880074562
Qatar +974800100669
Saudi Arabia 8008500685, 8008440652
United Arab Emirates +97180003305924

Have any doubts? You may visit the flight reservation and ticket charges page of American Airlines to resolve your queries.

Note – Dissatisfied with the resolution? Has your complaint been not redressed by American Airlines within the given resolution period? File a complaint with the consumer forum, national consumer authority, or respective civil aviation regulatory authority.

If you are not satisfied with the final resolution of American Airlines customer service or complaints are not resolved within 30 days or a given period, take legal action against American Airlines by approaching the civil aviation regulatory authority, starting an arbitration, or filing a complaint with the national consumer protection authority (consumer forum).

Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority

Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority is the apex body where you can file an air/flight complaint against American Airlines in your country if you are not satisfied with the complaint redressals or have a flight dispute with the airline.

Aviation Authorities of some countries are:

You may approach your respective Civil Aviation Authority to raise your concerns. Submit your concerns about the airline services and get a resolution within the given period.

National Consumer Authority

Want to report the violation of consumer rights? Yes! You should approach your national consumer forum (commission) within the country to file a complaint about the quality of services, violation of consumer rights, higher charges without consent, or other flight issues.

Click: File a complaint to National Consumer Authority

Visit the link and select your country and respective consumer protection authority and use contact details and the online form to raise your concerns.

Start Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolution

You may also start an arbitration with American Airlines (AA) through the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Choose internal arbitration or approach an external third-party arbitrator like in the USA.

You can start an internal arbitration with the company by sending a legal notice via Mail or Email, as per your convenience and available mode of communication. Ask American Airlines consumer service for more details.

In the last, you may take direct legal action against the airline by filing a case within the regional judicial body or legal court. Before this, one must seek help from a legal expert for further actions.

Issues can be resolved

These are some issues related to flights, airlines, and air travel services of American Airlines, that can be resolved after filing a complaint:

Flights Booking:

  • Matters related to online flight ticket bookings, fares, and payment transactions.
  • Delays of flights, lack of facilities in the flight, or issues with staff behavior in aircraft.
  • Other matters of booking AA flights.

Tickets Reservation & Cancellation:

  • Delayed or canceled flights, requests for reservation or ticket changes, or refund of fare/payment.
  • Problems related to the cancellation of flight tickets, in-flight/on-flight, travel credit, check-in/out, delay in refund of payments
  • Issues with receipts, refunds, or packages of American Airlines Vacations. Other complaints about ticket reservation, sales, or cancellation.

Baggage, Club, and Insurance:

  • Issues with lost items, baggage, or luggage. Problems related to online claim submission for lost or damaged items by the carriers.
  • Disputes like Admirals Club, trip insurance, or any type of special assistance.
  • Concerns with submission of travel insurance claims or partnered insurance companies with AA
  • Other matters of flight insurance for the booked air travel with the airline

Cars & Hotels:

  • Complaints regarding travel and hospitality services offered by American Airlines including Cars, Hotels, and rental services with partnered companies.

Others: Concerns related to the AAdvantage program, airline vacation packages, products (flight discounts, vouchers, etc.), and the website/app of American Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Airlines (AA)

Q. What is the customer care number of American Airlines?
A. In the United States and Canada, dial the customer service number +18004337300, and for other countries, see the table above.

Q. Where can I file a complaint against American Airlines?
A. If your disputes or submitted concerns are not resolved, file a complaint with the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority of your country. In the USA, approach the Office of Aviation Consumer Protection; in India, approach AirSewa Nodal Officer; and in the EU, make a complaint with European Consumer Center (ECC).

Q. What can I do if my flight disputes are not resolved with American Airlines?
A. You may take legal action, start an arbitration with American Airlines, or use an Alternative Dispute Resolution process under a third-party registered arbitrator. In the final step, you may file a case in legal court with the help of your legal expert.


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