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Municipal Corporation of Madurai: Administration, Citizen Services and Complaint Registration


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The Municipal Corporation of Madurai is a civic body responsible for the governance and administration of the historic city of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Established in 1866 as a municipality and upgraded to a corporation in 1971, it serves a population of over 1.4 million people across an area of 147.97 square kilometres. The corporation manages essential services such as infrastructure development, water supply, sanitation, public health, and revenue collection.

Administrative Structure

To decentralize administration, the administration of the Corporation of Madurai is divided into 5 zones (East, North, Central, West, and South). Each zone has a Zonal Ward Committee which oversees the wards within its jurisdiction.

The legislative wing of the corporation is formed by the Madurai City Municipal Corporation Council. It comprises 100 councillors, with one elected representative from each of the city’s 100 wards. The Council is headed by the Mayor, who is assisted by a Deputy Mayor.

The executive head of the corporation is the Municipal Commissioner. This senior administrative officer is responsible for the implementation of council decisions and overseeing the day-to-day functions of the corporation.

Departments of Corporation of Madurai

The Municipal Corporation has several departments, each responsible for specific services. Some key departments and their functions are:

  • General Administration: For overall administration, coordination, and policy implementation including management of public relations, legal matters, and coordination with other departments.
  • Engineering: For infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, and stormwater drains. They also manage construction projects, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Revenue: To handle property tax assessment, collection, and revenue management. Issues birth and death certificates including administering financial assistance schemes.
  • Public Health: For sanitation, waste management, and public health programs along with monitoring water supply, hygiene, and disease prevention in the city.
  • Town Planning: To regulate building activities, land use, and urban development. It also approves building permits and zoning regulations.
  • Computer Wing: Responsible for implementing E-Governance initiatives for efficient services including managing digital records, online services, and citizen engagement.

Public and Citizen Services

Whoever is living in Madurai, can access all public and citizen services of the municipal corporation that are aimed at improving the quality of life for its residents. These services are:

  • Protected drinking water supply to households and public stand posts.
  • Collection, segregation, transportation, and disposal of garbage from households and commercial areas.
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, culverts, and stormwater drains.
  • Installation and maintenance of streetlights for public safety and construction and maintenance of public toilets and sanitation facilities.
  • Administrative and regulatory services, such as issuing birth and death certificates, building plan approvals, or licensing and inspection of food establishments to ensure food safety standards.
  • Assessment and collection of property tax, online tax payments, and licensing.
  • Conducting vaccination drives for children and adults and campaigns to promote hygiene, sanitation, and disease prevention.

Some other services such as online platforms for bill payments, grievance redressal, and access to various citizen services, have made it easy to access public services of the corporation.

Register a complaint to Municipal Corporation of Madurai

Like any urban center, Madurai faces challenges that can lead to complaints from its residents. Despite many efforts, the common issues most people have reported are water scarcity and uneven supply, collection of waste or garbage, traffic congestion, and lack of basic civic infrastructure.

Many residents have also complained about road/ drainage/ sewerage conditions, encroachment on Public Spaces, rainwater stagnation, and corrupt practices of officials.

Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Madurai
Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Madurai (

To register a complaint with the Madurai Municipal Corporation, citizens can use the available dedicated helpline number, email address, and website for citizen grievances. The contact details of the municipal corporation are as follows:

Phone Number of Zonal Offices:

Zonal Office Phone Number
East Zone +914522310011
North Zone +914522310022
Central Zone +914522310033
South Zone +914522310044
West Zone +914522310055

Residents can also write a complaint letter and submit it to the grievance cell at the headquarters of the Corporation.

If the lodged complaints are not resolved to your satisfaction, escalate the disputed matter by filing a public grievance to the Appellate Authority of the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department through “Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS)” of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Issues faced by the citizens of Madurai

As residents know Madurai is one of the most famous tourist places and coastal cities and faces many challenges and issues related to urban development and governance. Some of the common issues faced by the citizens are:

  • Water Supply: Uneven distribution of water and periodic water scarcity are major concerns. Some areas receive water only on alternate days or have to rely on tanker supply, especially during summer months. Complaints about water quality also exist.
  • Solid Waste Management: Overflowing garbage bins, irregular waste collection in certain areas, and open dumping lead to sanitation problems, foul odours, and the potential for disease outbreaks.
  • Sewage and Drainage: Clogged stormwater drains and overflowing sewers during monsoon seasons are recurring issues. This creates unhygienic conditions, disrupts traffic, and poses health risks.
  • Traffic and Roads: Traffic congestion is a growing problem, especially in central areas during peak hours. Complaints about road conditions, potholes, and inadequate street lighting are also common.
  • Encroachment: Illegal occupation of footpaths, roadsides, and public spaces by vendors and structures hinders pedestrian movement and reduces available open space.
  • Power Supply: Unscheduled power cuts by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, particularly during high-demand periods, can disrupt daily life and business operations.

Many people have also reported the lack of basic civic infrastructure, such as toilets and drinking water facilities around the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, needs urgent attention. The execution of smart city projects, including “smart roads” and the Periyar bus stand project, has caused hardships for commuters.

It has been observed that many residents of Madurai lack civic engagement and participation. They often avoid paying taxes, fees, or utility bills and tend to disregard rules and regulations. Furthermore, the city suffers from corruption and inefficiency in its administrative and service delivery systems.

To address these challenges, it is important for citizens to actively lodge complaints regarding public services and infrastructure. By doing so, they can bring their concerns to the attention of the authorities at the Madurai Municipal Corporation and advocate for better basic amenities and public infrastructure. These efforts are necessary to ensure that residents’ health, education, and overall quality of life are not compromised.


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