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SOS App. Always Stay Safe

In an emergency, Send One-Tap Alert, Voice/Message Alert, Share Location, Store Health Information, and Many More.

To Keep Yourself Secure
Install Now The SOS App

Send an SOS
Emergency Alert

In an Emergency? You can send an emergency alert by using One-Tap Alert, Voice Alert (Calling), Sharing your location, sending a custom message, or playing an emergency Siren
You can also save the contact details of your family members, local authorities, and other emergency services to call in one tap using One-Tap Alert method.

Keep Health Information
For an Emergency

Save your blood type, allergies, medical conditions, and other health information securely that can be sent with emergency alert to save you or your loved ones.
Every critical information can help you to save Fastly in case of an accident or life threatening incident.

Be Connected
with Family

In every situation, your family will always help you. So, save the family information, share location, add emergency contact numbers of your trusted member or person.
Send SOS without compromising your privacy with encrypted communication system.

Also, use additional features of the app such as QR Code generator, Quick Tips in case of emergency situation, Battery Monitor, Create Back-Up of your app data, and record audio and videos of the situation. This is not last, many more will be added in each update.